Inspired by Nature, this futuristic Show Home called “THE FUTURA” aims to create a totally new way for future living in Hong Kong. The city is part of a dynamic economic region called the Greater Bay Area that aspires towards experiencing the latest in everything possible.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2021
First Award |  Residential (Interior) (Built)

Project Name: The Futura
Studio Name: Alexander Wong Architects Limited
Design Team: Alexander Wong (Designer in Chief)
Andy Cheung (Project Management)
Eddie Wong (Interior Design)
Roy Wong (Graphics, Materials & Accessories)
Candy Lau (Materials)
Claudia Lai (Graphics, Materials & Accessories)
Wynne Yiu (Materials & Accessories)
Kelvin Zhuang (Furniture Design)
Area: 180 sq.m.
Year: 8 Jan 2019
Location: Hong Kong
Consultants: Alexander Wong Architects Limited (and others)
Photography Credits: Josh Tam
Other Credits: Lane Crawford (Accessories)

The Futura By Alexander Wong Architects Limited - Sheet1
©Josh Tam

Upon arrival, the lift lobby is an abstract vertical forest composed in white.

Looking through the large diaphanous sliding glass door, one enters an abstract transitional garden, allowing the visitors to change footwear under a futuristic tree with lighting from branches made of half-arches.

The Futura By Alexander Wong Architects Limited - Sheet2
©Josh Tam

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, a golden rabbit surprises the guests suggesting a different kind of space-time continuum. Further along, under a giant disc-like ceiling, Living & Dining are not differentiated like any ordinary household. With references to Energy Pods, the two L-shaped sofas for Living & Dining are interchangeable. Here the Half Moon TV Wall in front of a giant mirror surface automatically slides open for a sneak preview into new ideas of future entertainment. Echoing the TV Wall is a sliding Solar Screen set against the balcony inspired by Verner Panton’s famous Verpan Chandeliers, here reinterpreted as a unique sunlight filtering device.

The Futura By Alexander Wong Architects Limited - Sheet3
©Josh Tam

Directly opposite the Living Area is a colourful corner for music and imagination equipped with Devialet’s Phantom Wireless Speaker and Nanoleaf Lighting under a silver mirror sky. A white curtain forest leads us into the bedroom suites filled with more surprises for Tomorrow’s Living.

THE FUTURA show home has 17 futuristic features never seen in any traditional show home before: a design attempting to break new grounds and boundaries in the world of spatial design within the context of Hong Kong’s uniquely competitive real estate market.

The Futura By Alexander Wong Architects Limited - Sheet4
©Josh Tam


  1. Golden Rabbit at Entrance with Abstract Tree Lighting
  2. Half Moon TV Wall
  3. Energy Pod Sofa with Lighting
  4. Living and Dining as Interchangeable
  5. Alcove with Silver Mirror Sky
  6. Nanoleaf Lighting at Music Corner
  7. Sensual Air Vents
  8. Starry Ceiling Lights
  9. Curtain Forest with Lighting
  10. Solar Screen inspired by Verner Panton’s Verpan Chandelier
  11. Giant Sliding Glass Door in Gradient White at Entrance
  12. Seamless Stone Flooring in Triangular Pattern
  13. Black & White Kitchen
  14. Gravity Bed
  15. Futuristic Make up Corner
  16. Giant Disc Ceiling
  17. Space Capsule Vanity Counter at Master Bath