Heartiest Congratulations to all the Winners & Runner-Ups of Global Architecture & Design Awards 2023

RTF is pleased to announce the winners of the Global Architecture & Design Awards 2023, given to projects showcasing excellence and innovation in architecture & design. This year, 1200+ registrations were received from more than 45 countries, spanning architecture, landscaping, urban design, product design, and interior design categories.


Global Architecture &
Design Awards 2023

Heartiest Congratulations to all the Winners of Global Architecture & Design Awards 2023


Global Architecture &
Design Awards 2023

Heartiest Congratulations to all the Runner-ups of 14th Edition of Global Architecture & Design Awards 2023

What Previous Jury say about the Architecture Awards

Emma Harutyunyan 1

"I was struck, first and foremost, by the extraordinary degree of inventiveness exhibited by each architect and, second, by the overwhelming desire to coexist peacefully with the natural world, which is apparent in almost every project. Every project is of excellent quality and features innovative architectural innovations."

- Emma Papin Harutyunyan

Professor, National University of Architecture and
Construction of Armenia, Armenia

Erna Photo1

"From year to year the Rethinking the Future Awards became an arena for architects to showcase their best practices. By sharing projects of great value, we might recognize current and relevant topics in architecture addressed in different contexts and with a variety of sensibilities. What is more important than to be crowned with the title of the ‘best’ is our responsibility to see architecture as a tool capable of making positive changes in this emerging world. "

- Erna Husukić

Associate Professor and Researcher
Bosnia and Herzegovina


"It was a fascinating experience to explore various ideas of the submitted entries for the creation of built environment. Each project is unique and shows significant effort on the organizing principles, material adoption, design innovations, and sustainable strategies for creating spaces that are influenced by contemporary thought."

- Md. Muktadir Rahman

Assistant Professor, Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET),
Khulna, Bangladesh

Lichen Ding--Founder & Chief Designer of DLCA Architects

"Obtaining high value and authoritative awards and recognition is a powerful support for the output and discourse construction of design brands, especially for young and avant-garde design firms. We hope that the new generation's works will be more diverse, cross-border, and even adventurous."

- Lichen Ding

Founder & Chief Designer, DLCA Architects
Wuhan, China

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