Third Award | Residential (Concept)

Nature Living Houses
Slow Nature Suites is a new residential concept that proposes an experience in contact with nature through sustainable eco Suites designed to enhance the environment. Born from the perspective of sustainable architecture, seeking minimal environmental impact both in the use of the components, and the integration of building to its surroundings and its inner energy efficiency.

Firm Name: Raich Soler estudi d’arquitectura
Participant  Name: Lluis Raich Soler
Team Member: Lluis Raich Soler, Jorge Matas Torrellas, Marc Molas
Country : Spain

CONCEPT: Slow Nature Suites aims to provide versatility and one of the points to modify believe that housing has to be EVOLUTIONARY HOUSING. It may not have the money for a big house, and instead into debt with the banks, you can absolutely go acquiring modules depending on how your needs will vary. From a MINI SUITE  with 2 modules (bathroom and bedroom) to a HOME SUITE of 5 modules (with double bedroom, single bedroom / study, kitchen, bathroom, lounge, with terrace). We propose to make leasing the Suites, so bring the product to people who can not buy a Suite also be VERSATILE IN THE ECONOMY. It is offering a new vision of housing. We propose that the land can be rented and with make renting a suite, do not have to get a mortgage for that dream. Living day to day without mortgaging the future. A problem of the past we believe that architecture should address.
The Suites are transported by truck, so we propose that the SUITES CAN BE MOBILE. Having a Suite on a spot on the mountain for 5 or 10 years and move to another spot on the beach. Well-made ​​homes can and should last a long time, but the possibility that these are mobile homes enable us to adapt to our needs and not just us to them or where they are being built.
The workshop construction makes BUILDING A SUITE IN TWO MONTHS from the signing of the contract and allows that errors of construction and completion deadlines are minimal. In summary, we propose not borrow to pay Suite, to change its location whenever you want, and to do so in a maximum time of 2 months. Slow Nature Suites rethinks the concept of housing.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: The Suites are constructed using wood for the balloonframe system  that comes from forestry chain of custody, and wood fiber insulation sylvactis in walls, ceilings and floors that give our Suites thermal comfort inside that minimizes energy expenditure by reducing the contributions heat in summer and cold in winter.
Slow Nature Suites offers 17 types of Suite, which is formed from the combination of 5 functional modules (bedroom, bathroom, living room, study / single bed and kitchen). Each functional module is designed to fully enhance the environment in which it resides. Through innovative solutions that bring each stay outside our Suites. Go to sleep looking at the stars in your room, swim in a bathtub at ground enjoying the scenery, being in the room with the open fire in contact with the outside through large windows, etc. .. 17 different types are proposed to meet different needs.

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