Honorable Mention | Residential (Built)

Firm Name: AABE
Participant  Name: Bruno Erpicum
Country : Belgium
Children store memories of fun times in treasure boxes. Such a place has been reproduced in the form of a house. It provides a place, a box, where family life is played out. But this box opens right out onto the garden, letting imaginations run wild. The outline of the building has been sculpted to follow the contours of the land. The building opens onto countryside framed by side walls penetrating deep into the soil.
Up in the hills, kids build huts. The architect, in comparison, produces a glass apartment with expansive views. But behind it all, it’s a child’s vision.  Apart from the house, an office space and an apartment for the guests carry on the same story.
The white cement outside finish recalls the pioneers of the Belgian Modern Architecture such as Leborgne, de Koning, Blomme… Nowadays, this is the best type of construction to insure an optimal insulation: not less than 20 cm of insulation “package” the building without any “thermical bridge”. Furthermore, by doing so, one avoids any kind of decoration in order to allow the reading of the proportions. The Vitrocsa windows frame allows a very good insulation, nevertheless their 24mm width; and the K of the glazing is K:0,9. Working and living on the same land is the best way to avoid any traffic.

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