TUTERA is a contemporary intellectual trend for a new generation of creators and designers from all over the world in various fields of arts and architecture to complement the Ancient Egyptian beauty & spirit in a way that fits today’s lifestyle and be relevant in today’s context. TUTERA seeks to restore the glory of Egypt as well as drawing international attention to Egypt, sensing a gap in the market for true luxurious products.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2021
First Award | Mixed Use (Concept)

Project Name: Tutera City
Studio Name: Cube Consultants
Design Team: Dr. Ashraf Abdel Mohsen
Area: 1 Square kilometers
Year: 2020
Location: Egypt
Consultants: Cube Consultants

Tutera City By Cube Consultants - Sheet1
©Cube Consultants

Based on the cultural heritage, TUTERA sets new trends and designs for the world in seven branches: architecture, urban design, furniture, fashion, jewelry, vehicle design, and film production. All designs are based on historical references of ancient Egypt, using the correct meanings, symbols, and architectural and art vocabulary of the ancient Egyptian civilization used at the time, as it is the first cradle and the original roots of civilization.

Tutera City By Cube Consultants - Sheet2
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The city’s design idea is based on being a world-class tourist city, and what makes it a unique city is that it is the first city based on outer space tourism. The planning idea of ​​the city is based on creating major axes that reach the city center and its main building and these axes perpendicular to the four original directions indicating The ancient Egyptians were among the first to work in astronomy, understood it, and showed their knowledge and strength in their architecture. On the main city axes, a group of multi-use buildings are lined up in preparation for the main building in the city center, which is a pyramid-shaped building that dominates the city. Taking the visitor on a journey to the ancient Egyptian times with all the sciences, ethics, art and architecture they represent. The city also includes a hotel tourist area overlooking the surrounding beaches, in addition to an integrated residential village – with all its services – for workers in the city.

Tutera City By Cube Consultants - Sheet3
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It’s vision is building the first scientific research city on the land of “Egypt” to allocate its applications in the field of tourism across the boundaries of time and space, as the designs of its urban, architectural and artistic features are being considered as a leap for the Egyptian state towards the future through its historical roots, and thus it represents one of the most important tools of the state for political, economic and cultural marketing in Amidst the challenges of the 21st century.

It’s goal is inaugurating the latest research center specializing in the field of future technology and applications of astronomy and space sciences, and activating those applications and technology in creating a new pattern of tourism that transcends with it the boundaries of place and time in order to achieve the highest economic return.

Tutera City By Cube Consultants - Sheet4
©Cube Consultants

Laying the foundation for a dense urban community that embodies the historical roots of the Egyptian state and at the same time expresses the features of its near future, which in turn reflects one of the most important tools of the Egyptian state in expressing itself, its ancient past and future dreams.