Yoyo city project located in Yinchuan, a city in middle west of china. The site located between an urban expressway and wetland park, how to deal with the relationship between the building, city and nature has become the primary question of design. Our design starts from this question.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2021
First Award | Category: New Design Talent – Mixed Use

Project Category:
Studio Name: L&P Architects
Design Team:
Area: 120,000 sqm
Year: 2021
Location: Yinchuan China

Jianfa Yoyo City | L&P Architects - Sheet1
©L&P Architects

Inspiring from the unique wetland character, we are thinking to make more connection between our site and the natural resource by the idea of “Urban Co-living”. We introduced natural fabric into our building design, created an overall effect on facade as some islands floating on the water by applying horizontal motion wave and scattered massing overlapping on facade.

Jianfa Yoyo City | L&P Architects - Sheet2
©L&P Architects

There are three strategies from urban perspective:

  1. Connecting – our design serves as an urban belt, connecting the eastern wetland park with the western urban interface.
  2. Creating a city living room – the complex serves as an urban public space which strengthen the relationship between each community, giving city a place for leisure and entertainment activity.
  3. Creating theme nodes – the introduction of theme nodes provides diversified experience and meets the needs of different people.

The design is based on the natural fabric of the wetland park, which have a very good interaction with small-scale volume in the east wing. The larger commercial volume is placed in the west wing of site to display a better city image. We learned from natural elements in Yinchuan, and created a water wave movement on facade and a wind kinetic curtainwall system in featured box. By doing these, we hope people can feel the sense of natural power during their journey in this complex.

Jianfa Yoyo City | L&P Architects - Sheet3
©L&P Architects

As an important city along the ancient Silk Road, Yinchuan is known as desert landscape and the unique natural rock-landform, in the meantime, it still retains a good eco-landscape, so it has the reputation of being the “Oasis Beyond the Great Wall”. We hope to incorporate this interesting contrast into the spatial experience of this project by creating three indoor gardens with different themes, “waterfall”, “strata valley” and “the bubble”, hoping to provide an unparalleled experience for Yinchuan and we believe it will become a popular destination in the city.