The New Etoile Wellness Center adopts the principle of “Healing by Design” by introducing elements that help in the healing process which creates a proper healthy environment, while respecting patient’s privacy and dignity during their stay. The building design deeply embeds itself into the cultural fabric of Jeddah, paying homage to the identity, culture, and tradition of Islam. Each space carefully incorporates the intricate Middle Eastern heritage to achieve a sensible balance between the traditional and the contemporary and create a luxurious and elevated experience for patients.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023
First Award | Interior (Healthcare Wellness) (Concept)

Project Name: The New Etoile Wellness Center
Category: Health & Wellness
Studio Name: HKS Singapore
Design Team: Angela Lee, Gordon Gn, Lee Yunn Tay, Bonaventura Satria, Glen Teng, Ben Gonzalez, Timothy Meyer, Natalie Smith, Varun Sharma
Area: 1,650 SQM (Gross Conditioned Floor Area)
Year: 2022
Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Consultants: Arabtech Jardaneh (Architect of Record)
Render Credits: Visuallabs 

The New Etoile Wellness Center | HKS Singapore - Sheet1
©HKS Singapore

This wellness center is envisioned to be a state-of-the art, patient-centered healthcare facility focusing on a holistic approach to medicine and caring for the body, mind and soul. The wellness center is nestled within the intricate urban fabric of Jeddah. Adopting an adaptive reuse approach, the wellness center is envisioned to breathe new life into the existing envelope.

Taking cues from the building facade and surrounding buildings, design of the internal spaces is driven not only by the need to integrate itself within the context but also the vision to pioneer a state of the art, patient-centered healthcare facility that is focused on a holistic approach to medicine and well-being in the region.

The New Etoile Wellness Center | HKS Singapore - Sheet2
©HKS Singapore

The interior design is inspired by the traditional Arabian courtyard and the Wadi, a valley-like land formation commonly found in the region. Principles of biophilic design are also incorporated to improve healing and decrease stress in patients, family members and staff alike. Defined by Jeddah’s strong connection to the coast, the overall soft, muted material palette of the interior spaces takes reference from the hues of the coastal areas and its distinctive vernacular architecture, creating a soothing ambience within the center.

During the design process, intricate traditional floral patterns prevalent in Islamic architecture were studied and referenced. Floral patterns are traditionally used to symbolize growth, life, and healing. This symbolism resonates well with the Center’s vision as a healing sanctuary. These delicate patterns are incorporated in the design of screen panels, flooring pattern and upholstery selection.

The New Etoile Wellness Center | HKS Singapore - Sheet3
©HKS Singapore

Health is viewed as a state of combined physical, mental, and social wellbeing. The design of the Wellness Center hence focuses on creating a patient-centered environment, adopting a holistic approach to care for the patient’s body, mind, and soul. The New Etoile Wellness Center developed the Wellness Wheel Model to illustrate the 6 components of holistic wellness: Physical Wellness, Mental Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Social Wellness, and Environmental Wellness.

The wellness center aims to raise awareness and effort to choose and practice a lifestyle that achieves wellness in a holistic manner. This philosophy is reflected in the programmatic development of the center. Apart from establishing mental health clinics as one of the facility’s main priorities to address mental and social wellness, physical wellness is advocated for through the introduction of an indoor gymnasium with direct access to an outdoor sports garden. Spiritual wellness is promoted through the integration of mindfulness space where patients can participate in meditative activities.