Haven Darling Quarter, a jewel among the many exquisite stores MOYA & CO crafted for our esteemed client, stands as a testament to the fusion of design, functionality, and the essence of Haven’s brand. Renowned for its specialty coffee, delectable cuisine, and welcoming staff, Haven sought to establish its flagship store in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. Spanning a modest 56 square meters, this haven was conceptualized to seamlessly integrate an inviting outdoor seating area with an internal space resembling a showroom, where the aromatic embrace of freshly ground coffee beans lingers in every casual conversation.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023
First Award | Interior (Hospitality) (Built)

Project Name: Haven Darling Quarter
Category: A20 Hospitality (Interior)
Studio Name: MOYA & CO
Design Team: Teresa Peng & Jacqui Wang
Area: 56sqm
Year: 2022
Location: Sydney, Australia
Consultants: Trinity Shopfitting (builder), Auslite (lighting), Lendlease (developer)
Photography Credits: MOYA & CO
Other Credits: Artedomus (stone), BC Stone (Stone), Porters Paint (paint), InStyle (leather upholstery), Skheme (tiles)

Haven Darling Quarter | MOYA & CO - Sheet1

At the forefront of the design are three distinctive counters, each meticulously crafted from custom natural stone slabs. The pastry display and ordering till, adorned in unfilled travertine, emanates a timeless elegance. The coffee counter, sculpted from white gold marble, exudes sophistication, while the rear counter, fashioned from the bold red opus rosso marble, adds a touch of warmth. The varied textures and veins of these marbles converge in perfect harmony, creating a visual symphony that complements the Haven experience.

Haven Darling Quarter | MOYA & CO - Sheet2

In addition to the aesthetic allure, practicality took center stage in our design process. We meticulously addressed the operational dynamics of the space, ensuring an optimal workflow and storage solutions that seamlessly blend with the clean, minimalistic aesthetic. Leather-wrapped wall panelling adds a tactile richness, embodying the commitment to detail. Recessed water dispensers and thoughtfully positioned merchandise displays enhance both form and function, contributing to the overall fluidity of the space.

A distinctive feature of the design is the floating seating with displays set at an angle, creating an engaging visual dynamic that captures the attention of patrons. The interplay of angles not only adds a touch of avant-garde flair but also serves as a deliberate nod to the meticulous attention paid to every facet of the store’s ambiance. It is within these details that the personality of Haven Darling Quarter truly comes to life.

Haven Darling Quarter | MOYA & CO - Sheet3

In conclusion, Haven Darling Quarter is not merely a coffee shop; it is a crafted experience that seamlessly integrates form and function. As the flagship store, it not only reflects the brand’s ethos but also sets a new standard in the realm of interior design. The judicious use of diverse materials, the meticulous attention to operational efficiency, and the artful incorporation of details ensure that Haven Darling Quarter stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in interior hospitality design.