MEGRE INTERIORS has designed  the Ginza Hotel, a gem of a boutique hotel located in one of the most atmospheric places in St. Petersburg – on Petrogradsky Island, on the embankment of the Nevka River. What started as a project of problems and restrictions – from difficult architecture, to listing restrictions,  low budgets and time constraints, became a success story beyond Client’s expectations.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023
First Award | Interior (Hospitality) (Concept)

Project Name: Hotel GLINZ
Category: Hospitality (Interior)



Glinz Hotel is located in a small historical building, which naturally led to the desire to reflect the connections of the past, present and future in the design concept. All the architectural elements inherent in the building – low ceilings, beautiful arches on the ground floor, tiled stoves and a staircase with steps made of Putilov stone – have been preserved to convey its authentic atmosphere.

The architecture of the building became the basis for the concept of interior design. The arches are accentuated by textured tactile plaster in the style of a mud hut, paying homage to traditional finish for Russian settlements at the period of St Petersburg’s conception. They soften the geometry of the space and foster an array of associations. The cumulus clouds of the St. Petersburg sky, the walls of historic buildings, the cream of freshly brewed frothy latte, and even a fluffy duvet. The matte and rough texture of the plaster expressively contrasts with the smooth glossy surfaces of glass, wood, stone used in the interior.

The color scheme is based on nuances of white and the play of warm shades of gray and sand, creating an enveloping cozy atmosphere inside the hotel. Cold St Petersburg light falls from the windows most of the year, so all colors and materials were selected and tested on site to ensure a warm glow effect of the space. Calm in color, yet textured and warm to touch, the fabrics used at Glinz Hotel accentuate a homely feeling.


Multifunctional Common Area

The main “highlight” of the project is the multifunctional space of the ground floor of this small hotel. Stepping away from the traditional separation of lobby-bar-restaurant-work area, MEGRE INTERIORS have designed this space as a single unit. This gives freedom to hotel guests to enjoy the space for whatever purpose they need it without moving.


The design of the rooms is minimalistic, concise and relaxing. There are no unnecessary details. It follows the aesthetics of Hotel’s Common Areas: light and warm tones; voluminous pieces of furniture with smooth lines, which were complemented by style-forming graphic elements – vertical stripes on the walls. Almost all the furniture in the rooms is designed by MEGRE INTERIORS.


For a small hotel adaptability and functionality is paramount. Yuna Megre and her team have curated bespoke design solutions to address that need. For beds – soft transformer headboards allow one to change the configuration of the room, and memory foam mattress pads adjust the softness of the bed in accordance with the preferences of guests. The rooms also lack the traditional bulky closets. Instead, designers have developed an open storage system inspired by the fashion boutiques of the city. Bathrooms at Glinz have ample storage space and amenities.

Glinz Hotel is a great case of how thought through, true to concept and locale design can achieve remarkable results despite limited space, time and budget. Since its opening it has seen an average occupancy rate of 96% and a loyal following from travelers who appreciate quality, history, authenticity and modern comfort.