As you approach the ultra-modern mosque, you are struck by its striking and unconventional design. Unlike traditional mosques that typically feature domes and minarets, this mosque is a bold departure from the norm.

Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023
First Award | Public Building (Concept)

Project Name: Z Town Grand Mosque
Category: Public Building (Concept)
Studio Name: Q3 Architects

Z Town Grand Mosque | Q3 Architects FZ-LLC - Sheet2
©Q3 Architects FZ-LLC

Starting from the ground up, the mosque’s entrance is a grand and spacious hall, featuring large glass walls that allow natural light to filter in, illuminating the interior. The floors are made of polished marble and are meticulously arranged in geometric patterns, while the walls are decorated with intricate calligraphy and modern Islamic art.

Moving deeper into the mosque, the traditional mihrab, or prayer niche, is replaced with a sleek and minimalist design. The mihrab is a striking and luminous wall, made of translucent glass that is backlit with soft and calming light. The carpet in the prayer hall is a soft and plush material, providing comfort for worshippers during prayer.

The ceiling of the mosque is another design element that sets it apart. Unlike traditional mosques that typically feature domes, this mosque has a sweeping and undulating ceiling that creates an illusion of infinity. The ceiling is made of a series of interlocking wooden panels that are illuminated with a gentle and warm light, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

Z Town Grand Mosque | Q3 Architects FZ-LLC - Sheet4
©Q3 Architects FZ-LLC

The minarets of the mosque are also designed in a unique and modern style. Instead of the traditional tall and slender structure, the minarets are a series of cylindrical towers that spiral upwards, reaching towards the sky. Each minaret is fitted with programmable LED lights that create a stunning and vibrant display of colours at night.

Z Town Grand Mosque | Q3 Architects FZ-LLC - Sheet5
©Q3 Architects FZ-LLC

Overall, the ultra-modern mosque design breaks away from traditional mosque design rules and creates a serene and peaceful environment for worshippers. The design elements come together harmoniously to create an atmosphere that encourages contemplation and spiritual reflection.