I|K Studio shared with us their masterplan design with an energy network for an academy outside of Port-au-Prince. This design will serve as a model of offset power production independent from a central utility.

Architects: I|K Studio
Principals: Mariana Ibanez, Simon Kim, AIA
Design Team: Ben Brady, Qiyao Li, Cara Liberatore, Teresa McWalters, Hanna Tulis, Shulei Weng, Michael Wetmore, Valmik Vyas, Ying Xu
Scope: Masterplan of an distributed energy-networked campus, 2011

FPM GAP Academy_ IK Studio 1
FPM GAP Academy_ IK Studio 1

The site is a 50 hectare rural site with a 90m elevation change rising from the bay. An energy network of solar and wind harvesting, water retention (latent energy), and biofuel orchards and ponds are distributed to their appropriate orientations and elevations.
FPM GAP Academy_ IK Studio 2
FPM GAP Academy_ IK Studio 2

The campus is divided on ascending plateaus that divide academics, farms, from low-cost student, faculty housing and public markets and clinics. The vision of the complex is to generate self-sufficiency in production of power through harvesting, and in training so that the model may be transplanted.

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