Station no.1 This project was developed by a team of five people, in the discipline of public spaces design, of the landscape architecture master of the Oporto university, Portugal, in 2014. This proposal takes place in Matosinhos, Oporto. The initial goal was to survey typologies of a part of the city in order to create a solid database for the development of a Green Infrastructure Proposal. After analyzing this area, was concluded that its green infrastructure was well established, with some gaps, one of which is the real park.
Landscape Architects: Sara Costa, Ana Martin, Elsa Lima, Joana Gomes, Ana Alves
Location: Oporto, Portugal
Status: Concept

Background The real park was inaugurated on November 27, 2001, it is part of an urban área and contains about 4.5 hectares of area. It develops on a slope and is crossed by a water line. The Intervention area, besides the park, also includes an agricultural area that is in its surroundings.

Proposal This proposal aimed to create a park for horticultural-agricultural use and promotes biodiversity and recreation. The main goalwas the creation of a multifunctional space through the design and the fomentation of diverse activities.

Sara Costa 
Sara Costa is a landscape architect graduated from the University of Porto, Portugal. In her short career had won several prizes and contests. Her professional experience goes through an intership in the ACB landscape architecture studio, in Lisbon, with renowned landscape architects, Cristina Castelo Branco and Carlos Ribas. In 2017, in Rome, Italy, worked in the architecture studio of Luca Peralta and currently she is working in Madrid, Spain at the Sunlight studio, with the landscape architect Cristina del Pozo.
Ana Martins
Ana Martins is a landscape architect graduated from the University of Porto, Portugal. Her professional experience starts as an intern in Municipality of Famalicao, Portugal. And now, since 2016, she is working in Barcelos, Portugal, at Victor Mogadouro Architecture studio, with the architect Victor Mogadouro.
Elsa Lima
Elsa Lima has a master degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Porto, Portugal. She made an internship at Lisbon’s Municipal Council where she participated on a large-scale urban requalification project based on the construction of an urban park of great value to Lisbon’s green space. Working on this project opened several doors allowing her to work in others green spaces in the same city. She also participated as a landscape architect in the urban requalification project of Miradouro de S.Pedro de Alcântara, an historic garden of strong significance to the city of Lisbon.
Ana Alves 
Ana Alves is a landscape architect with a degree from the University of Évora and a master’s degree from the University of Porto. While studying she did several academic internships, such as in Paisagem Ilimitada studio. She began her professional experience as a freelancer in collaborations with University of Porto and with STILL URBAN DESIGN studio. She is currently working as a landscape architect in a planning, construction and gardens maintenance company – Jardins tesouro Lda.
 Joana Gomes
Joana Gomes has a masters dregree in landscape architecture from the University of Porto, Portugal. Her professional career took off with an internship at “Engenho e Rio” where she deepened her knowledge about costal areas and public participation. Thanks to her journey so far, Joana counts with a large variety of tasks that allow her to discover and develop new competencies and, on top of all, give her the possibility of having a traversal view/vision of organizations and ramifications linked to landscape architecture in share of a project, commercial or implementation of various projects. Nowadays, Joana finds herself working at “Relva Viva” in Lisbon, a company whose main focus is the construction and maintenance of green spaces and forestry management.