Meditation comes from mind control, but it’s a noisy world out here. The project intends to somehow replicate the exact psychotic dualism we experience every day through ‘fabricated nature’. The site proposed for the meditation centre is located on a hilly terrain with breathtaking views of the valley ahead.
Architects: Dhruv Kohli
Location: India

The form exposes a sense of aggression toward a senseless existence, anticipating meditators to focus within themselves rather than the distractions around them.

The design seeks to create an amalgamation of structural integrity of steel and prefabricated concrete with the softness of PTFE membrane. The exoskeleton enveloped with the membrane engulf the entire built mass.

The built mass intersects with the green spaces creating a gentle air movement. The green roof acts as the primary roof providing insulation from the cold climate and a fabric membrane structure acts as a secondary roof creating a large-scale pavilion of semi-open terrace gardens for various activities.

Dhruv Kohli

Dhruv Kohli is an architect, space designer & visual artist based in Tokyo, Japan.
Kohli is enthusiastically fascinated by geometries in nature, effects of space on human consciousness, and the significance of contextual design in a balanced ecosystem.
He seeks to further explore his fascination of design through an interrogative creative process with an amalgamation of intellectual knowledge formulated by philosophies of Hegel, Aldo Rossi, Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and so on, as well as cutting-edge technologies of Algorithm-aided Design, Building Information Modelling and Rapid Prototyping.
Since graduating from National Institute of Technology, India as a licensed architect, Kohli soon acquired international professional experience after working in Paris, New Delhi, & now Tokyo. In these past years, he has worked for clients such as McKinsey, Airport Authority of India, WeWork, Cognizant, Mairie de Paris to name a few. Currently, he is working with a Tokyo based Dutch architect Martin van der Linden, extensively involved in projects across Japan & China.
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