1. Spanning over almost a kilometre in diameter, the maze stands over nuclear waste, deterring curious travellers from venturing near its hazardous contents. Clad of weathered steel, the maze embraces decay, yet its durability will last for millennia.

Architects: Brian Tien
Status: Concept

  1. Upon entry, the walls are 20m apart and 0.4m tall, and slowly transition to 0.3m apart and 20m tall, creating a claustrophobic and impossible journey to reach the core. By stimulating these traumatic experiences, the maze develops a legend: a mysterious eternal landmark forever indecipherable to humanity, regardless of how we evolve.

  1. At the center of the immense landmark lies a tall monolith, indicating the importance of its site. Explorers will try to solve the maze’s mystery, but with its vast distance and constant exposure to the elements, it becomes impossible to solve.

  1. As millennia passes, architectural forms and their meanings evolve and change. Thus, the maze acknowledges what makes us human: curiosity. Like the Minotaur, it is a combination of man and beast: an artificial structure which slowly fuses with the changing nature for millennia to come.

  1. Year 6312: Despite the fact climate zones has shifted, and the maze is now swallowed by a jungle. The maze still embraces the test of time.

  1. Year 8322: Many wars has been fought over the maze and its true value

  1. Year 9325: Drastic climate changes transform the environment, flooding the maze.

  1. Year 12043: The maze becomes engraved with exploration attempts. Its outer edges become littered with trash, to further discourage explorers. But human curiosity will continue to persist and will not be deterred by any form.

Brian Tien, Thanh Tran and Zihao Wei

The three first met each other at the University of Waterloo for their Bachelor of Architecture degree. With different interests on how modern issues can be addressed with architecture and design, Brian, Thanh and Zihao are all fascinated by how the paradigm of built form can be redefined for the near and distant future. The idea of the MAZE first came alive due to the three’s love for dystopian movies and weathered steel.