As the development between Johor and Singapore and their demand of connection increase, and the waterway is currently not being used that effectively by transportation. The project would reuse water as a medium as an efficient option of transportation to making connection and activation. It produce strategies for utilizing the straits and the river tributaries – specifically, to develop water connection defined by hierarchy. Also, it aims to create an interface between land and water that enhances existing and proposed nodal points of interaction between the community and water, in order to activate the waterside space and the inner communities.
Landscape Architect: Shaokai Li
Location: Johor & Singapore
Status: Concept

Concept of transport hierarchy
The hierarchy of connection offers potential nodal points and sub-nodal points for people to connect and encourage activities through interaction and affects the way people live along the rivers and potentially bring them together through a new form of connection.

Waterway region mapping

Map of water connection in the strait of Johor and inner region

Water activation
The aim of water activation is help people from each community to have access to the waterway and create waterside space for transport and encourage activities happen. The project sets out investigating about the space belong river. And identify three type of space, which can make it as a nodal point. The community, the existing park and the bridge.

Transformation into a waterway friendly hub.
Redesign the waterside space and insert the flexible water platform.

The project aims to implement in these three systems, first- the interface, as a node as landscape between land and water, second – the feeder line, activate the waterside space and making connection between communities through the river tributaries and third – the backbone, which is connect to the strait. In doing so, it strengthens the waterway connection system in the straits, which can improve accessibility between the two nations.

Shaokai Li

Shaokai Li completed his master of Landscape Architecture at the RMIT University, Melbourne in 2017 after finishing a Bachelor of Architecture in China in 2015. He has a great enthusiasm in both landscape design and urban planning. Now, he is working as a landscape architect in Melbourne. Shaokai’s attitude has provided the opportunity for involvement in a board range projects from residential, commercial and public spaces in Melbourne and South China. With experience and interest in social heritage based design, Shaokai wishes to work toward cultural, historical and site sensitive landscape architecture.