Moller & Gronborg + ADEPT have been awarded 1st prize in the competition to develop Naturpark Amager, a 35 km2 nature habitat at the edge of Copenhagen. The winning proposal activates a unique landscape through clear storytelling and a subtle architecture underlining nature qualities, activities and communities. Seven new visitor points will ensure visual links throughout the park and make the protected landscape more accessible to its visitors. The project is one of the largest of its kind in Denmark.

The winning competition proposal for Amager Nature Park has been named
As part of an ambitious project for Amager Nature Park near Copenhagen City Centre, the large nature reserve will acquire seven new recreational landmarks. The Partnership behind the development has just announced Møller & Grønborg with ADEPT, SNCLavalin Atkins and BARK Rådgivning as the winning team of the project competition.

With the seven new landmarks – three of which consist of iconic main entrances at the edge of the city and four of which are situated at the water’s edge – Amager Nature Park will acquire new recreational destinations that will facilitate a wide range of different nature experiences and outdoor activities. These recreational landmarks will help support a coherent and visually holistic experience of the
35 km2 large nature reserve and contribute to the parks future ambition of becoming an even more popular nature reserve destination than it is already today. The project programme for Amager Nature Park is supported by the foundation Nordea-fonden with DKK 55 M and the Danish Outdoor Council´s funding programme for outdoor life with DKK 5 M.
The architectural vision behind the winning proposal is to strengthen Amager Nature Park’s existing expanse of urban nature reserve, while still respecting the history and landscape of the park. Each new landmark creates a new destination with new or better possibilities for recreation, nature experiences, peace and contemplation, play and learning – for everyone. With reference to the reserve´s existing character, the DNA of the Nature Park, the future landmarks are composed on a simple design vocabulary, which is the foundation of the project. This vocabulary serves as a guideline for building in the landscape, the choice of materials and the dynamic between the protected nature and culture, etc. The seven new landmarks can be further supplemented by a subtle wayfinding system that marks the way in, out and around the nature reserve landscape. As the park covers an extensive and varied area of close to 35 km2, creating coherence throughout the park is both the challenge and the potential in the project.
The project has a subtle architectural language with identifiable constructions and wooden roof forms, which visibly stand out and invite visitors to stop and engage in various activities – without stealing the focus from the breath-taking nature. Each landmark emphasises a special place in the landscape as well as the contextual qualities and nature found at exactly that place.
Collectively, each landmark visually borders the huge and varied nature reserve and strengthens the Nature Park with a consistent architectural expression. The three new main entrances will be placed at the existing visitor centre Amager Nature Centre, Asger Jorns Allé and the media town, DR Byen, and will help mediate nature and invite the visitors into the nature park. The four future coastal landmarks will strengthen nature experiences and water activities, such as kayaking and bathing.

Facts about Naturepark Amager
Size: 35 km2
Client: The Partnership Naturepark Amager: The Danish Nature Agency, Copenhagen Municipality, Tårnby Municipality, Dragør Municipality, and By & Havn.
Client advisor: CFBO and D|K2 Bygherrerådgivning
Team: Møller & Grønborg, ADEPT, SNC-Lavalin Atkins, BARK Rådgivning A/S Year: 2019 – 2022
Budget: 97 mio dkk. The project is supported by Nordea-fonden and the Danish Outdoor Council
ADEPT is based in Copenhagen and works in the fields of urbanism and architecture with a specific focus on the human scale in cities, public space and public buildings. ADEPT develops sustainable urban conditions all over Europe and have completed a growing number of plans and buildings that aim to improve public life. At the moment ADEPT works with urban development and public space at all scales in cities such as Hamburg, Stockholm, Oslo, Budapest, Bratislava and Copenhagen.
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