Located on a corner property in West Los Angeles, privacy and accessibility to natural light were of primary concern in relation to the driving spatial ideology based on the strict practices of Feng Shui requested by the Client.   This ideology specified the location of the kitchen and gathering spaces, bedrooms and bathrooms and where penetrations were acceptable.

Architects: Shawn Bleet & Jason Kerwin
Status: Built
As a result, the design strategy was to produce an inwardly focused form that allows light to penetrate down from the roof through a large opening in the interior created by two interlocking volumes: the public and the private.  The intersection of these volumes is expressed on the exterior through material and color changes.

Shawn Bleet, Jason Kerwin
Shawn Bleet and Jason Kerwin met when they were both working at Koning Eizenberg Architecture in Santa Monica, California.  They cofounded their creative studio to explore the idea that Architecture is for the “everyday”.  That well-planned built space is created to improve and inspire the lives of the masses and is not reserved for the privileged.  Their practice touches on many aspects of the built world and is disrupting the commonplace while gaining attention in the Los Angeles community.