Singapore Airlines accounts for customer and staff feedbacks to constantly improve to be the best for their customers. This lab aims to cultivate the culture of open communication.
Architects:  Josephine Ng, Andreas Latif, Jennifer J. Adi, Ng Kuan Hao & Jessie Chan
Location: Singapore
Status: Concept

The design approach “Elevate – From the Ground Up” consists of two main factors:

  1. Collaboration –Linking different ideas from various fields for skills-sharing to create a cutting-edge idea.
  2. Open Communication – Connecting bridges between the different type of users consisting of the public, industry and inventors.

Elevate innovation lab consist of 3 main areas:
Area 1: Experimental (Targeted for the public users)
Area 2: Discovery (Targeted for the industry)
Area 3: Production (Targeted for the inventors)
A space for the public to get to know Singapore Airlines and their achievements throughout the years. It is incorporated with technology to simulate experience of flying with Singapore Airlines. The walk through of this area gives the opportunity to the public to learn about the services and the various cabins provided by Singapore Airlines. The purpose is to allow the customers to experience first-hand, the hospitality provided by the crews and staffs as Singapore Airlines values their customer’s experience.

This area includes technology such as:
1. Registration Kiosk
A touch screen kiosk for registration for the public and providing information such as directory, wife password etc. A digital projection of ‘The Singapore Girl’ will be display behind the kiosk as a virtual receptionist.

  1. Window display

Showcasing the different milestones and destinations Singapore Airlines covers by displaying the skyline and time zone of that country.
3. Virtual Reality (VR)
The public is able to experience the various cabins and services provided by Singapore Airlines through simulation with VR technology. The aim for this set up is for the public to exchange feedback through first-hand experience.
This area is for the collaborators, which are the people in the industry churning out new ideas. It is a creative space where the users are allowed to rearrange the space freely. The area is separated into public and private, which can be easily reconfigured with the partitions based on the events taking place. The private area can be used when presentations or talks are hosted. Singapore Airlines believes in training and developing their staffs and the stage is a platform for the staffs to share their ideas freely and to encourage the public to voice their opinions as they are valued and respected.

This space consist of furniture that is specially designed for this area.
This set of tables and chairs in the collaboration space is designed with flexibility in mind and is easily rotated and reconfigured based on the user’s needs. Different heights accommodates different preference to enhance creativity.

Teamwork plays an important role in Singapore Airlines, and thus, this area is designed for the team to be able to work together openly. The white board wall allows for ideas to be generated spontaneously. Straying away from isolated cubicles, the space is designed for team to be unified.
Furniture located in this area is also specially designed to enhance the user experience of the space.

OFFICE TABLEThe table design is in a continuous arrangement to engage communication between colleagues. The seating configuration allows the staffs to easily have discussion among each other and have open communication as communication is key for a team to succeed.

The design of the meeting table is inspired by the movement of an airplane seamlessly taking off from the ground to air. It is to portray the identity of Singapore Airlines as this area is mostly used for important meetings by the staffs and board members.

Materials used for this area are SIA corporate colours and warm tones to warm up the space.

Josephine Ng
Josephine Ng graduated with a Bachelor (Honours) degree from Lasalle College of the Arts, majoring in Interior Design. Josephine have won several publications during her studies such as an internship programme with Hirsch Bedner Associates, runner up in RSA student design awards and Singapore Airlines Digital Innovation Lab design competition.
As an Interior designer, she believes in experimenting in new ideas to create spaces for the future needs. Josephine also explores in the usage of materials, colours and textures to create not just a space but an atmosphere to value aid user experience.

Andreas Latif
Andreas Latif is a recent graduate from Lasalle College of the Arts, majoring in Product Design. During his study, he had the opportunity to participate in several multidisciplinary projects, where he collaborated with notable industries such as Hush Puppies, Singapore Airlines and St.Jerome’s Laneway Festival. He is also the recipient of Singapore Creative Awards 2018, which was a competition organized by Singapore Press Holdings’ (SPH) Chinese Media Group.
As a product designer, he believes that design is not just about creating a product that is functional and usable, but also one that offers strong character, exciting stories, beauty as well as pleasure. For him, design is a process of adding value, persuading and amusing the mind, transforming prose into poetry. Simplicity has become his main design principle, which is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.

Jennifer J. Adi
Jennifer J. Adi is a recent interior design graduate from Lasalle, Singapore. She is now working at LAANK, a company based locally and is enjoying every minute of it. Jennifer has always leaned towards things that challenges her creative output. Other than interior design, she has found passion in working with textiles. Her work has been exhibited in Art Science Museum Singapore, and has been awarded Top Five in her Cohort for her project in a HBA-affiliated competition. In 2018, she and her team emerged runner-ups for their project “Elevate”, a collaboration project with Singapore Airlines(SIA).

Ng Kuan Hao
Ng Kuan Hao is a Product Designer who just graduated from the Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore, under the product design program. As a fresh grad, he is always curious about things all around and try to look at things under a different lens. Ng Kuan Hao hopes that through design, he is able to travel and embark on a journey which ultimately manifests happiness not just from within but also unto the people surrounding him.

Jessie Chan
Jessie Chan is a Lasalle College of the Art graduate in the field of interior design. She believes that interior design is more than just a nicely built room, rather, the experience of space for the better and the ability to ignite feelings within individuals. In her free time, Jessie likes to read and spend time with her loved one.