There is little doubt today that musical instrument Harp was derived from bow and arrow; an unusual mix for peaceful and magical sound coming from an instrument inspired by a weapon that was primarily used for hunting and survival and later for both defence and war.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2022
First Award | Signages Design (Concept)

Project Name: Harp Lantern
Studio Name: McClellan, Badiyi & Associates Architects
Design Team: Bahram Badiyi-Principal in Charge of Design, Robert McClellan,
Area: 300-400 square feet, Vehicular entrance area to a retirement campus
Year: 2018-2020
Location: Pasadena, California, USA
Consultants: KCE Matrix Inc. Structrual Engineers, Perfect Design Inc, Electrical Engineers
Photography Credits: Shanghai Halo Architectural Visualization Co.,Ltd
Concept Photos Credits: 1-archer-bayeux-tapestry-c1070s-print-collector-a, 2-Ancient Egyptian Harps, Copyright (c) Mary Evans Picture Library 2015-ID12486069, 3- Ancient Archer – sketch by Bahram Badiyi, 4- photos specifically not mentioned obtained through world wide web research and clear from copyrights
Other Credits: Text by Bahram Badiyi and Robert McClellan,

Lantern Signage | McClellan, Badiyi & Associates Architects - Sheet 1
©Shanghai Halo Architectural Visualization Co.,Ltd

(Images presented on sheet A-1). Both instruments have survived to the present day and both continue to inspire skill and focus in sporting events and the other in musical compositions about worlds of fantasy, dream and adventure. Harp’s ancestor known as Lyre is known to be one of the oldest if not the oldest string instrument in history.

Lantern Signage | McClellan, Badiyi & Associates Architects - Sheet 2
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Sound is a vibration and so is light. Both are forms of energy that travel in wavelengths, sound travels in matters such as air or solid material and eventually fade away. Light travels through air and vacuum in space. Then why not combine the two in form and substance and create a lantern in the shape of a harp which represents two of the most important elements defining existence such as light and sound?

The proposed design makes references to a bow on top of the fixture as well as the physics of an actual harp instrument when it comes to structure for the vertical support/base. (Sheets A-2 and A-3). There are three braces that are topped by a finale in the shape of sphere/globe. Depend on the lighting Types (Sheet A-4), the finale/globe can be solid or a light bulb/fixture. These braces reminds us of strings of harp while as they reach to the top and cross the curved piece, it reminds us of multiple arrows of a bow except the lethal point of arrow is replaced by a globe or light.

Lantern Signage | McClellan, Badiyi & Associates Architects - Sheet 3
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The design reminds us of history while it is a modern piece. Its head light can also be different as seen on sheet A-5.

There are various types of uses as well as finishes as seen on A-4. The possibilities for application of such lantern fixtures are many such as parks, private estates, public institutions and sites which have significant historical importance to their communities and cultures.

Lantern Signage | McClellan, Badiyi & Associates Architects - Sheet 4
©Shanghai Halo Architectural Visualization Co.,Ltd

The initial design for this fixture began with a project to create an entry pylon/sign for a retirement village “Monte Vista Grove Homes” in Pasadena, California. This retirement homes complex is for many who have been missionaries, church pastors and those who served in the Peace Corps all over the world.