First Award | Landscape (Concept)

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Kaohsiung city is the second large city in Taiwan. Taking advantage of the port of Kaohsiung, the largest harbor in Taiwan, Kaohsiung has become an industrial city  since Japanese colonial. The rise and development of cement industry stimulated infrastructure constructions and industrial prosperity, promoted other industrial investments and rapidly accelerated urban development in Kaohsiung city. On the contrary, industrial development had brought serious pollutions and destroyed aboriginal ecological landscape. The city had become a cement forest. Large amount of CO2 emissions exacerbated the impact of climate change. According to the report from world bank (2005), Taiwan situates at highly disaster-prone area. Kaohsiung city, with the tropical savanna climate and threatened by urban heat-island effect and flooding, needs a space to respire and adapt.
“Logistics” originally defined as “the branch of military science relating to procuring, maintaining and transporting material, personnel and facilities. Until now, logistics is commonly seen as “the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies,” Cement industry is a system of material converge and diverge. Urban disasters prevention and protection also have the concept of goods and service flow. This project introduces the concept of logistics, builds a distribution system that includes five domains (biological/hydrological/material/ energy/ community) in order to create a resilient, low-carbon and disaster-proof city. As a logistics section, this project provides goods and water supply, mitigates flooding, reduces CO2 emissions, provides shelters and transfers goods for disaster. By these inner and outer flows of our demonstrative project, we create ecological flow:ECO-Logistics to promote the development of adjacent areas, interlink the whole city as a resilient network in order to precipitate the recovery from disasters.
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