Second Award | Landscape (Concept)

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[tab]The Hapic Geoscape
Geo Tours have been developed over the years in Hong Kong at different geo-areas in order to enrich geopark tourism activity. The existing Geo Tour routes are all based on the nature-oriented tourism development principle, which aim at protecting natural resources that ensure a minimal impact is posed on the protected area while learning about the local environment. Despite the conservative approach poses nearly no harm to the ecology, it only explores the geomorphology superficially. The ambition of this design concept aims to redefine the conservative approach in Geo tours. Rather than to conduct superficial rock excursion route, the project is a creation of outdoor rock exhibition that gives tourist a haptic experience to geology.
Cape D’Aguilar, is a cape of the southern Shek O, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. Being well-known of its drastic rock formation and abundant variety of rock types, Cape D’Aguilar is the ideal site to execute the project. Such a landscape routine will become the one and only one underground rock tour in Hong Kong that gives you real-time journey into the rocks, with a brand new experience and interpretation to Hong Kong geology that visitors never expected to see.
CONCEPT: The exhibition route is designed in response to the exising geology and geomorphology distribution in Cape D’Aguilar. As the geology distribution on site is changing drastically, The route are planned in order to cut through the most types of rocks, capturing the moment by which rocks interchanging layers from one another in visitors’ eyes. The route is carefully planned according to the altitude level and the sloppiness of the hill, in order to attain minimal impact to the site but still allowing visitors to explore the rock site in an all-rounded comprehensive manner.
There are 5 main types of space in the whole exhibition route, respectively the exhibition halls, exhibition tunnel, exhibition atrium with spiral staircases, vertical connection as well as service route. Horizontal path are restricted in no longer than 100m horizontal distance, so that visitors would not easily lost themselves in such an underground space due to the infinite restricted cavity. Besides the horizontal rocks are being explored, vertical changing of rock layers are also captured by the atrium. Spiral staircase in it particularly creates a continuous experience for visitors to see the gradual change of different rock types.
The Haptic Geoscape topples over the established conservative tradition of how to design the geo-tour. It envisions the way of developing a geo-tour in striking the balance between conservation and delight of an outdoor nature-scape, which the global earth ought to ponder on so as to attain the truly sustainability between mankind and nature.
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