First Award | Mixed Use

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[tab]Participant  Name: Leilya Sadykova
University: Kazan state university of architecture and engeneering
Country : Russia[/tab]
[tab]Concept of living space organisation on symbiosis principle
At the present time the city is steadily destroying around suburban or rural areas. The combination of urban housing and farms makes the city not only viable and self-sufficient but also gives back the Farm territories. Urban agriculture guarantees a social harmony between different people. It becomes the vital green component feeding the residents.
Nature, Man and animals co-exist. A man is gardening, garden is feeding the man, the birds and the insects have the same function. Natural resources are exploited by a man. In the future they become a part of a large mechanism. On the basis of the green unit, as the basis of symbiotic existence of residential groups, other basic unification of housing units and public spaces are formed. It is a Vertical Garden City system (Urban greening).
Creative, Business and Family Men. One activity is more desirable for them than others. They just need a different kind of spaces, workshops, children’s areas, the garden or the laboratory. When they interact with each other they form an autonomous society.
The Group is organized on the principle of symbiosis of Residential houses and Public Spaces. A man needs material and nonmaterial resources. Public Spaces provide them with work and entertainment. Spaces, including schools, kindergarten, processing production, exhibition and retail buildings will operate autonomously as a human-powered circuit.
City should be provided with resources^ such as food products and energy, for its autonomy. Should be established the production, aimed at life support in living area and providing citizen with working position. Green farms and gardens are nutritious resources. Should be organized waste products recycle, produced by the city.
City dwellers have to take an example from villagers, able for self-sufficient life, independent from world situation. Nowadays, of course, it’s impossible to have a cow or hen at the flat, bat people can unite with families and rent a partition in the production area for beast keeping, leading the duty schedule and sharing obtained products.
The whole “cloth” of the city is energy-producing. Planes, used as walkways, resonate and produce the energy. People produce the energy for private aims using cycles and other vehicles. The same way is used recycled resources such as water, sun and wind. Solar batteries are mounted on the roof, wind turbines are fastened in the air, supported with pneumo constructions.
The same way energy is entered from plants recycling department. The autonomy of vertical gardens is carried through aquafarm, plants maintain their life’s consuming fish waste and raindrops from roofs of the buildings. Decorative function is replaced on useful function. Instead of planning flowers in garden beds, people can grow potatoes and sunflowers. People and nature are exiting in symbiosis. People are working in residential group, with provides them necessary resources.
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