Second Award | Mixed Use

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[tab]Participant  Name: Anna Andronova
University: Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering
Country : Russia[/tab]
[tab]Intermediate City
There were several civilization waves in human history; and cities had been reshaped with these changing cultures. What should humanity face after the agriculture era? After the industrial culture era? What should be our third nature?
City of the third nature would produce knowledge. Would produce meaning. Would produce emotions. The third nature is mindfullness. City should act as a great mediatheque, where alchemy of ubiquitous information happens. It is a free world where virtual networks mix with physical frames. It is a medium between thoughts and senses.
Water is recently considered to be perfect for information storage. Water gives birth to everything. Water reflects, distorts and diffracts light to a clear spectrum. What if we recreate these features in a “liquid” architecture?
The inner space of mediatheque is a special substance [medium]. There is a native weather of information in the atrium, travelling with natural pathways. It might be candid, latticed, blurry, fluorescent or acidic. The atrium is filled with light beams, water drips from bumps of the gardens surrounding them, and a riverside wind can be felt at times. Floating crystals, gateways to the information stream, shine in the air; and if you grab any of them, you could enjoy either a film or a musical composition. People experience this complicated space on all levels and mindsets, arranging on balconies, bridges, and console platforms. Some are solitary, considering their own perspective of the sharing space, others are collective, and collaborate ideas extending their social and knowledge connections amongst their groups.
The media now is not just a channel where the communication takes place, but it is a diverse set of environment that enables the communication to happen and it may vary the meaning and sense of the information that it is been transferred.
If the city is a living organism, what can it accomplish if it has no mind at all? Most probably, it will be unpredictable, crazy or even consume itself. Mediatheque is an essential part of a new city; only there all the internal processes are collected, interpreted and properly synchronized. So this is would become the real brain of the city.
Communication is [and always was] the only tool of progress in civilization. Mediatheque is a self-creating space of people, who leave memories after themselves. Then there are million flows inside, there are million thoughts – and million stories. In a way of how dense vapour clouds are pressed into a thunderstorm, the crowded atrium generates a strong informational field: we call it as a collective intelligence.
Intermediate City produces new matter by interhuman reactions, with space as a great catalyst. New ideas come through the power of synergy, affectional and emotional experience. New meanings become understandable through symbiosis of different cultures. Intermediate City is an echo temple; and even if being abandoned forever, skyscraper will stay as memorial of our crazy superpersonification time, then everyone was a free creator.
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