The Longmen Mountain B&B Reception Center is to build a contemporary public building that can represent vernacular culture.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2021
Second Award | Mixed Use (Concept)

Project Name: The Longmenshan Homestay Reception Center – Yuhengtai
Studio Name: Archermit
Design Team: Youcai Pan,Zhe Yang,Renzhen Chen,Shuhua Ye, Yi He,Xiangxin Ge, Qinmei Hu,Yuanjun Gou,Rui Yang,Zixuan Liu,Yutao Feng,Zhiying Song.
The building area is about 4000 square meters
2020.07 (began)
Guihua Town,Pengzhou,Chengdu,Sichuan,China,611938
Photography Credits: Chengdu Phantom Technology Co.,Ltd.

The Longmenshan Homestay Reception Center - Yuhengtai By Archermit - Sheet1
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The project is located in Pengzhou City of Chengdu in the eastern highlands of Guihua Town, with the Panlong cultural and creative settlement on the west, the Shimen Huaping B&B group on the south, the Jian River Valley on the east, and ore cave sites below. The original intention of the Longmen Mountain B&B Reception Center is to include the surrounding culture and become a local cultural landmark, showing the local tourist attractions as a whole to the rest of world, and try to contribute promoting the development of the Jian river eco-tourism area.

The Longmenshan Homestay Reception Center - Yuhengtai By Archermit - Sheet4
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Design analysis:

Pengzhou is one of tourist national priority areas in Sichuan. The design of the project bases on the concept of the brightest star (Alioth) of the Big Dipper, the architectural form is extracted from the design elements of the Big Dipper and Dragon Totem of Longmen Mountain. The interior space uses local materials of Pengzhou clay pottery, white porcelain, and coal mine kilns as the main elements of decoration. The local ceramic element is chosen to be the texture of exterior appearance, and the façade is mainly made of red hand-made pottery plates, glass curtain walls, forming a stereoscopic architectural landscape system with maximum viewing angle.

The Longmenshan Homestay Reception Center - Yuhengtai By Archermit - Sheet5
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The whole project draws an architectural image of the beauty of the starry sky, the leisure of the Longmen, and the soul of porcelain. It creates a space field with regional memory by modern means.

The site of Longmen Mountain is well-known by its 5000 years of civilization history. We started from the element of “dragon”, which is not only the literal meaning of “Long” in Chinese responding to the name of Longmen Mountain, but also a typical representative of Chinese traditional culture. The image of the Chinese dragon contains four concepts that Chinese people attach great importance to: the universal view of the unity of human and nature, the moral view of benevolent people loving each other, the development view of the combination of Yin and Yang, and the inclusive multicultural view.

The Longmenshan Homestay Reception Center - Yuhengtai By Archermit - Sheet6
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The shape of the architecture extend from the combination diagram of the Big Dipper and dragon. The architecture itself is the viewing platform.

The main body of the building has four floors: The first floor distributed with model display area, audio-visual room, reception, unique restaurant and hotel exhibition hall. The second floor distributed with an aerial technology exhibition hall, multi-function hall/book bar/tea room and coffee shops. The roof is an open viewing platform, which can be used for sightseeing, photo shooting and other activities. It can achieve a 180-degree views of the surrounding and the scenery of the snow-capped mountains. The exterior platform shares the expansion function with the interior as well. Featured restaurants and geological and cultural exhibition halls distributed on the basement level.