The Town Enclosure Pavilion is now open in The Center Park, located at 265 S Cache Street. While the official ribbon cutting is not until June 27, the paint is dry and the fencing is down, inviting everyone to experience Jackson Hole’s latest public art installation.
Architects: Carney Logan Burke Architects
Status: Built
Photography: Matthew Millman
Location: Jackson, Wyoming

Photography | Matthew Millman

Designed by Carney Logan Burke Architects, The Town Enclosure Pavilion was inspired by western corrals, the Teton Enclosure, and contemporary sculptors like Richard Serra. “The Town Enclosure appears, disappears and reappears depending on how it is approached and where one enters.” Eric Logan, Principal, Carney Logan Burke Architects
The shadow play on the panels changes from moment to moment and the interior enclosure offers a welcoming and intimate setting for exploring art, dance, performance, and musical activities.
Photography | Matthew Millman

The public is invited for the opening celebration on June 27 at 5:30 pm, which will include a performance by Dancers’ Workshop’s Junior Repertory Company from 5:45 – 6:00pm, Ribbon Cutting & Remarks from 6:00 – 6:15pm, followed by a live performance from the String Lake Trio. Beverages will be served from the new Luxe a GoGo airstream and small bites will be provided by Café Genevieve Catering.
Jackson Hole Public Art proposed the pavilion concept to Center for the Arts in 2017 and was selected as The Center’s 2018 Creative in Residence curator. This project offers community artists and groups more opportunities for free and informal arts experiences while supporting the unique approach of activating The Center Park by building a pavilion that is both a sculpture and also a venue.
The Pavilion Project is supported by more than 40 builders, fabricators, designers and finishers. Carney Logan Burke Architects created the design and construction drawings, and Premier Powder Coating built and installed the sculpture with support from Two Ocean Builders and Jackson Hole Public Art staff. The installation is made out of cross-laminated timber panels, sourced from sustainably managed forests, and supported with a steel base. Local businesses lent many helping hands including: landscaping donated by MountainScapes, painting donated by KWC Inc., all of the survey work provided by Nelson Engineering, the structural aspects of the project were reviewed by KLA engineering in Denver, and the Anvil Motel provided lodging for the installation crew. Financial support was provided by The Center’s Creative in Residence program, Center of Wonder, Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, Altamira Gallery, First Western Trust, Dembergh Construction, and many generous donors.
Photography | Matthew Millman

“This is really a community built sculpture. So many people came together to support the public art project because of their love for the nonprofits at The Center and for their understanding of the value Center for the Arts brings to our community,” remarked Carrie Geraci, Director of JH Public Art.
The artist team was selected through a blind submittal process facilitated by Jackson Hole Public Art. The identity of the artists was concealed to the mostly local selection panel until after the finalist had been identified. Only then were the applicants’ qualification packages revealed in order to ensure the team had the professional experience to carry out the project. The blind submittal process was used to ensure the concept was selected based purely on the merits of its design, verses panelists gravitating toward a known entity.
As a sculpture and a venue, the public is invited to enjoy the artwork, and local nonprofits and artists are encouraged to propose creative uses for The Pavilion.  Imagine life-drawing, drumming circles, projections, and yoga in The Pavilion.
Photography | Matthew Millman

“The possibilities are endless as CLB’s elegant and simple design provides boundless potential for every art form to be explored. We are excited to bring our creative community outside into The Center Park and are so proud of the collective community that helped make this project a reality,” stated Carrie Richer, Creative Initiatives Coordinator for The Center.
To schedule a time to activate The Town Enclosure Pavilion, contact Carrie Richer at The Center at 307 734 8956, or inquire inside The Center.
The Pavilion is scheduled to be up through May of 2018. After this time the Town Enclosure could be repurposed into another installation or sold and relocated to a new host site. Interested parties should contact Carrie Geraci at 307-413-1474.

Carney Logan Burke Architects is an architecture and interior design firm with offices in Jackson, Wyoming and Bozeman, Montana.  Founded in Jackson in 1992, the firm has grown to accommodate a staff of more than 40 led by principals John Carney, Eric Logan, Kevin Burke and Andy Ankeny. The power of landscape, the quality of light and the simple honesty of vernacular architecture influence the work. Each endeavor is guided with the firm’s philosophy in mind – inspired by place.
Jackson Hole Public Art forges partnerships for the integration of art into any environment, to inspire lasting cultural, educational and economic benefits. As public art practitioners, JHPA works to activate our community’s gathering spaces with temporary and permanent sculpture that reflects community character and values.
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The Center is a hub for the artistic, cultural and creative activity in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We are fueled by innovation, inspired by collaboration and proud to share our 78,000 sq. foot campus with 19 inspired local, regional and state-wide non-profit organizations who call The Center home.
The Center’s Creative in Residence Program provides support and space for guests to work along with the artistic community by highlighting an interdisciplinary process and resulting in an impactful and inspiring end product. Selection for the Creative in Residence opportunity is by invitation from the Creative Initiatives Committee consisting of Center Board members, community members and Center staff.
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