Spa Halakuni is an individual structure of a five star hotel situated near a beach in Mumbai. Sea view being the main attraction of the site. Theme as “Hawaii”is famous for its reefing beaches and Kukui Nut massages”and various other spa therapies.
Architects: Mrinal Lilani
Status: Concept

So the conceptual planning begins as we enter through the main entrance, we come to the Reception area with a waiting area, which is designed keeping in mind the central theme of the spa. I have tried giving the whole area an effect of sand, deck and water. Apart from the Welcome Desk, the reception also comprises of a fish pedicure. From the reception there are four bays.

One leading to the manager’s cabin, one to the back office. There is a door connecting the manager’s office to the back office so the employees who want to access the manager from the back office can do so directly, without going around reception area. The third floor leads to the salon. The salon consists of a manicure area, pedicure area, nail art, FOot spa, hair cuttingstations and hair spa stations.

The fourth door opens to the spa. On entering the spa, we come to a juice bar and lounge area. Here there are common passages, that I have placed in the center as it is a common area.

This common area leads to Gents and Ladies common toilet which have all the requirements fulfilled.
These common passages further leads us to the couple therapy room with an exclusive Jacuzzi. Also accessible from these passages in the common Jacuzzi area and single therapy rooms. The couple therapy room, single therapy room andf the common jacuzzi are placed in the Prime area in a way that they are in tune with the Hawaiin theme and all
have the sea view.