Our studio and Sulwhasoo collaborated on the creation of the new concept that establishes the fifth generation of the brand’s philosophy on holistic beauty through Asian Wisdom.
Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018
Honorable Mention | Category: Commercial (Built)
Architect: Christian Lahoude
Team Members: Javier Rios Tello, Jessica Hernandez
Country: United States

The goal is to be unique and highly desirable by building the soul of the brand through a luxurious spacial concept. Sulhwasoo embodies Amore Pacific values and Korean beauty culture, rituals, and philosophy of life. Luxury today needs an exclusive multi-sensorial differentiating buying experience, created through a space that embodies the brand DNA and transforms it into a story telling experience for the client.

The concept will be rolled out in a new freestanding store in Guangzhou, China and subsequently in Malesia, Seoul, and Bloomingdales in New York.
The expression of the brand’s Fifth Generation begins with the translation of its Legendary Ingredients. Ginseng is used as inspiration. Its stable root is opposite its delicate flower. In the fifth Generation, ginseng becomes the focal point for its retail experience.

As the brand places great importance on counseling and ritual, allowing clients to be immersed in the world of Sulwhasoo and discover the ideas of Asian Wisdom, the materiality of the first store unites the contrasting concepts of firm, stable roots and the blossoming of floating flowers. This is achieved through a dark slate canopy, firm and solid, intersecting with a gold canopy which flourishes into a suspended chandelier. This blossoming creates an intimate space for General Counseling- a main focal point of the journey with the Brand.

Korean Heritage is displayed by multimedia technology throughout the space. To recall traditional Hanji paper, the use of backlighting precious materials creates glowing walls and product displays. The strength and resilience of amber is portrayed by a horizontal detail that unites the custom-designed fixtures.

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