The Spectrum project objective was to design a surface application using Wilsonart laminate that can be applied to a wall in the Wilsonart Houston office conference room. Furthermore stressing that the wall should not only be engaging and interactive but also showcase the material in a very provocative and compelling way.
Architect: Joshua Andrew Hollie
University: The University of Houston (UH)
Team Members: Joshua Andrew Hollie, Cecilia Mejia

The design consists of using a modular technique and digital fabrication. The modular technique would be using a 1 ¼” diameter wooden dowel as the constraint and the length of the dowel as the variable. The dowels would then be fixated in pockets on a cnc-milled pegboard. Each pocket’s depth would vary between ¼”, ¾”, 1 ¼” or simply be applied to the surface of the board. On the ends of each dowel it would feature the laminate material attached by an adhesive.

Combined with the pocket depth and the length of the dowels, the Spectrum project delivers a very intricate and vastly variant design. This technique also offers the opportunity for the company to change out the dowels that are removable and replace them with new ones that display a new type of product. For example during a presentation the presenter can take out a dowel with the desired attached sample and use it as a prop to illustrate the potential of their product.

Joshua Hollie
Joshua Hollie is an incoming master student at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) studying to obtain a Master of Architecture with an emphasis in Interior Architecture. Hollie earned a Bachelors’ of Science in Interior Architecture at the University of Houston (UH) in 2016. His work has since been published on several design websites including ArchDaily and Bustler and featured in numerous exhibitions internationally.  Hollie has also worked in a number of design firms including the internationally esteemed Rottet Studio and currently holds a position at the Houston office of HOK. Furthermore he helms his newly formed design company Hollie | Architecture + Design as founding principal offering a furniture collection based on the Spectrum project and architectural solutions for built and theoretical designs.