The customer’s favorite color is green, which is why it was decided to create a garden using shades of the same color, playing with the shape, volume, texture of plants and materials.

The architecture of the garden is made in a modern style, with square and rectangular zones. But the garden turned out to be cozy, because about 100 different types of plants give it volume, softening the pressure of straight lines. The key object in the garden is a unique fountain – a bronze sculpture of the Gaia, in the form of a beautiful dryad, who holds twigs with leaves on which water drops into a bowl.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2023
First Award | Private Landscape (Built)

Project Name: Shades of Green

Category: Private Landscape (Built)
Studio Name: Aleksandra Lavrukhina
Design Team: Aleksandra Lavrukhina
Area: 1600 m2
Year: 2019-2022
Location: Moscow region, Russian Federation
Photography Credits: Mikhail Shcheglov – summer, Andrey Lysikov – winter
Other Credits: Victoria Chichinadze – sculptor

Shades of Green | Aleksandra Lavrukhina - Sheet3
©Aleksandra Lavrukhina

The paving uses dark and light gray porcelain stoneware. The retaining walls and the basement of the house are made of light granite and green quartzite. The porch of the house and the steps are made of green granite. Granite lamps are used to illuminate the paths. The gazebo and study are made of larch, painted in gray.

Shades of Green | Aleksandra Lavrukhina - Sheet4
©Aleksandra Lavrukhina

Garden for relaxation. It has a gazebo – lounge area with upholstered furniture. An office covered with honeysuckle, where there is a table, a chair and a laptop socket. A recreation area by the campfire, where it is pleasant to sit on soft sofas in the evenings. And the beautiful fountain of the earth goddess Gaia, in the form of a dryad, which unites all the zones in the garden and is its mascot.

Shades of Green | Aleksandra Lavrukhina - Sheet5
©Aleksandra Lavrukhina

The garden is located in the Moscow region, Russia. The project was created for a private customer. The customer’s favorite color is green, and I took this into account when selecting materials and plants. Paving, buildings, finishing materials, furniture – all in shades of gray. The plants in the garden are of various shades of green, going into gray, blue, emerald, yellowish. The habitus of plants, the shape and texture of leaves were also taken into account, so that the garden did not seem boring and monotonous, but was interesting and unusual. 120 plant variations were used.