Project Info

Architects: Stefano Moor, Bonetti e Bonetti Architetti
Location: Cureglia, Switzerland
Collaborators: Michel Luppi, Romain Crozetière
Area: 776.0 sqm
Year: 2009
Photographs: Alexendre Zveiger, Dario Bonetti


A long narrow rectangular volume is placed atop the hill, along with a structuring axis. This axis is defined by the stone retaining wall that cuts the hill and articulates the whole route and pedestrian access. The route allows oneself to capture the site duality, featured by the stunning views (west) and the charming forest (east). The building is structured by this duality along the route.


Three identical apartments are located along a corridor, providing an intimate relation between the rooms and the forest. This hallway opens into the living room and the balcony, restoring the relationship with the landscape’s large scale and village’s historic downtown.

This design waives the maximum use of the land. The entire project follows a 1.44 meters modulation which defines where the openings are placed, the structure’s spans and dimensions, and also how the concrete formwork was made. The extensive research conducted for this project draws upon a strong minimalistic aesthetic, which is reflected in the construction, the details and the choice of materials. Variety is in the context.