Miró Rivera Architects in Austin, Texas has partnered with Mexican firm Ibarra Aragón Arquitectura (IAARQ) in the design of República, a 30-story mixed-use development in Monterrey, Mexico. Topping out at 372 feet, the tower will include two stories of commercial, six floors of office space, 15 floors of apartments and amenities, and a nine-story parking garage (including two levels underground). República follows on the heels of the two firms’ other joint venture, Citica, a 25-story development scheduled for completion this year.
Architects: Miró Rivera Architects
Website: www.mirorivera.com
Juan Miró, FAIA
Miguel Rivera, FAIA
Carlos Garcia
Ibarra Aragón Arquitectura (IAARQ)
S. Alejandro Ibarra A.   Ángel Jimenez
Sergio Reza
Zayda González
Natalia Calva
Internacional de Inversiones (IDEI)

The project will be the second mixed-use high-rise to be constructed along Venustiano Carranza, a major thoroughfare connecting Monterrey and the nearby municipality of San Pedro Garza García. The architects’ priority was the creation of a pedestrian-friendly experience that would enhance the level of activity at the street. Located at the intersection of two major avenues— Venustiano Carranza and Madero—the site is within walking distance of two stations on the city’s rapid transit system. The bottom two floors of the development contain 29,000 sq ft of shops and restaurants that will spill out onto a public pedestrian space defined by a distinctive series of angled columns that form a continuous ribbon. A staircase near the corner of the site forms an open and inviting transition from the street to the shops above.

Complementing its pedestrian-oriented design, República focuses on creating density and variety within the existing urban context. Wrapping seven levels of parking, a series of metal louvers screens the garage while allowing in natural light. Rising above the commercial base, two distinct forms contain six levels of office space totaling 150,000 sq ft, and 15 floors of residential apartments (280 units totaling 211,000 sq ft). Oriented with the long side facing north/south, the apartments feature sweeping views of the city to the north and the peaks of the Sierra Madre Oriental to the south. The lowest level of both the office and residential blocks include a large, landscaped outdoor terrace. At the top floor of the structure, amenities for the apartments include a rooftop terrace and sports bar, framed by an architectural trellis.

Miró Rivera Architects
Miró Rivera Architects (MRA) is an internationally recognized architecture practice that has quietly created a body of work that exemplifies design excellence, blurs art and architecture, and includes poetic and inspirational projects that enrich their landscapes.
The firm has garnered over 80 design awards, including the AR Emerging Architecture Award, the Texas Architecture Firm Award, and 37 local, state and national AIA Awards. Emerging as one of the leading new architectural voices in the nation, MRA has represented new architecture from the United States at exhibitions at the Museum of Architecture in Frankfurt and at the Aedes Gallery in Berlin. Their work has been extensively featured worldwide in numerous exhibitions and many prestigious publications, including Architectural Record, The Architectural Review, Architectural Digest, The New York Times, ArchDaily and the third volume of Phaidon’s 10 x 10 book series.
Miró Rivera Architects views each project as a unique undertaking. Each work results from careful consideration of the particular requirements of the client, site and program. Woven into Miró Rivera’s diverse practice is a remarkable degree of craftsmanship, exacting proportions and a refined sense of materials and details which, though surely modern, demonstrate a respect for time-honored building traditions. A consistent emphasis on natural light, transparency, and clear architectural progressions build strong connections between interior and exterior. MRA’s designs bring clarity and restraint to a range of projects in which a very clear idea permeates the work, unifying and grounding it firmly in a sense of place.
The firm currently consists of 17 people, including three design principals, Juan Miró, FAIA, Miguel Rivera, FAIA, and Ken Jones, AIA. MRA offers a wide range of architectural services including: urban design; institutional, commercial, and residential architecture; and interior design.
MRA also maintains a commitment to sustainable building practices: its sustainable projects include the  AISD Performing Arts Center (LEED Gold / 5 Stars, Austin Energy Green Building), LifeWorks (5 Stars, Austin Energy Green Building), Westridge Residence (5 Stars, Austin Energy Green Building), Milagro Springs Retreat (4 Stars, Austin Energy Green Building), and Spicewood Residence (3 Stars, Austin Energy Green Building).