Strasbourg-Kehl Harbour Urban Renewal Planning
Team Members :  Manon Lhomme  / Isis Montanaro / Enzo Sessini
Year : 2016 (4th  year 1st Semester) 
Teacher : Georges Heintz / Sophie Wittmann
48°34’55.2’’N   7°48’21.6’’E  – As part of the Renzo Piano Building Workshop «La méthode Piano», the Reminiscence project arose from the reconsideration of the Strasbourg’s periphery ( the “ring”), zooming in particular on the harbour district. Indeed, if the harbor of Strasbourg encounters storage difficulties, the opposite is true for the facing harbor of Kehl, with 70% of unused storage.

That’s why, the project take place on a hypothetical joint-venture between those two harbours, freeing themselves from the geopolitical constraint, in order to propose a new spatial organization more efficient.
In this way, Reminiscence would develop itself through 5 steps, helping to make Strasbourg-Kehl one of the biggest harbour on the Rhine.

First, a recycling center would be developed, composed of universities, companies and factories helping to restrict harbour’s wastes, giving a new attractivity to this no man’s land. In a second time, the harbour’s activity would increase, along with its container storage space, optimized by a system composed of gantry cranes and railways, inspired by Mondial harbours like Rotterdam one.

After the stabilization of the activity, the East docks would be converted into a hybrid factory park, permitting to restitute an urban vegetal continuity, while creating a dialogue with the Rhine. This transformation would help to give public statute into the harbour activity, helping to attract people and integrate the harbour as part of the metropolis.

Finally, the economic center would be developed at Kehl’s entrance, creating an event on the Rhine, livening up the quays, and leading the new Franco-German harbour to an international scale.