INTRODUCTION:-Ganga-India’s holiest river stretches about 2525 km and the basin accounts for about 40 percent of the population. But the river and its Ghats have been left ignored for decades. Ghats are rich in pious values and activities like community bathing, cremation, and other rituals are being performed since centuries on Ghats. Some of the Ghats like Varanasi, Haridwar are renowned tourist destination (Uttarvaahini Ganga-Northward flow). Similarly if other Ghats are brought under care, they can be turned into tourist spots. The project is a riverfront development type that focuses on Redevelopment of Kahalgaon Ghat (Bihar) and its vicinity. The selected site is rich in historical and religious background. It attracts huge public gatherings on occasions like Chath, Ganga dussehra,Chait Durga pooja.
Architects: Keshav Madhav Singh
University: Amity University Gurgaon  

  • There are large number of visitors staying under trees at night ,the day before festivals, to avoid the morning rush by bathing at the earliest. Thus this project also aims to provide accommodation for those visitors.
  • To keep a check on the pollution from the ghat area into the river that requires  renovating the Research and development lab.
  • There was a need of providing a recreational space for the residents of the city as well as the visitors.
  • The art and craft of the local tribes is gradually fading away because they don’t have a platform to promote their products at a bigger level.
  • To increase the sources of livelihood for the local residents who are entirely involved in this business.


  • No RCC construction can be done within 200 m from the river edge.
  • The religious zone cannot be tempered much. There is a temple and a ghat on the site

Key considerations:- Socio cultural space, Restaurant, Research and Development for Ganga river water., Guest houses for pilgrims., Redeveloping the ghat area.

Keshav Madhav Singh
Keshav (22) is currently a student at Amity University Gurgaon (Haryana) working as an intern at ARINEM (New Delhi).Projects that focus on rejuvenation excites him.He believes:- “We Learn what we see”, “We Grasp what we see” “We Apply what we see” It’s on us to make the world worth seeing. We are the means of Transition-We are the ARCHITECTS.