Pilar started off on a trip to Barcelona, looking at the abundance of color being used around us and wanting to create the same feeling of warmth and wonder in our work.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2021
Second Award | Furniture Design (Built)

Project Name: PILAR Collection
Studio Name: INDO-
Design Team: Manan Narang, Urvi Sharma
Area: Furniture
Year: 2020
Location: Providence, RI, USA
Photography Credits: Manan Narang, Rena Rong
Other Credits:

Particularly inspired by the rich, earthy glazes of Catalan ceramics that surrounded us in small shops as well as the intense, bold use of color by Gaudi in his architectural mosaics and masterpieces, Pilar translates what is traditionally a ceramics process of dipping earthenware into various glazes and layering them onto a wooden surface.

In contrast to the striking use of color, Pilar’s form is familiar, even comforting. The tactility of the fluted surface invites you to come closer, discovering moments of splendor and instances peculiar to each piece in the dipping process. Each band of color adds a layer of depth to the product while the flutes create a constant dialogue of light and shadow amongst themselves. From afar, the surface of the pieces mimic a mosaic, each shade representing a tile in its larger image. The Pilar Collection is a nod to simple, functional, contemporary design with a beauty inherent in the handmade, giving it an identity like no other.