The industrial region in suburbs is transforming

Planning the area as a unit, we envisioned the North-Buda City Center, a new, high-quality building – complex with many options for offices, multifunctional hall, sports facilities, and a shopping mall that attracts people of the suburb-area and transforms the old industrial region into the new center of the north side of Budapest.

Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2022
First Award | Mixed Use (Concept) 

Project Name: North-Buda City Center
Project Category: Mixed- Use (Concept)
Studio Name: Buda Office, Sketcharch
Design Team: Géza Gyetvai, Linda Tolnai, Solongo Batsaikhan, Attila Gyenei
Area: Central Europe, Hungary
Year: 2021 Sept.
Location: Budapest III, Békásmegyer, Ipartelep street
Photography Credits:
Other Credits: Csaba Rajnai, AAND3

The new functions are increasing job possibilities locally

Our planned master plan is focused on creating local development, increasing jobs, healthy workplace atmosphere, ecology friendly, and reducing the enlargement of city transportation.

North-Buda City Center | Buda Office, Sketcharch - Sheet1
©Buda Office, Sketcharch

Based on the concept of, a well-functioning city center, we consider it essential that both offices, parks, sports, and recreation facilities are available for residents of the area.

In addition, especially concerned with the community of office life, for the service, we have created a large, continuous „lounge” -like community space between the tower building to make full use of the conference halls, as well as in cooperation with the mentioned companies and the international intellectual life, the significant lecturers and these spaces are suitable for holding conferences and cultural events.

The agglomeration traffic could be lower in this situation

The buildings are surrounded by the main road 11, thus we have to protect the more intimate areas behind them because of possible pollution and noise. For this reason, we planned a tower on the main road side and it will cover the possible pollution and it is a sign of the North Buda City Center.

North-Buda City Center | Buda Office, Sketcharch - Sheet2
©Buda Office, Sketcharch

The inner courtyard area is a city park with full-fledged green spaces, which, in addition to being the scene of local employees, provide a tidy public space for the surrounding residents. The area is lower in the direction of the lower-built living quarters of the Danube river, where the accommodation buildings are located. 

Better public transport

Under the buildings in the master plan, we envisioned a cohesive, walkable parking system that would serve the visitors and operate as a P + R in some parts for those traveling to the city center by public transport. For more accessible access to the planned North Buda City Center Metro line 5 stop, we envisioned a pedestrian and bicycle bridge, which not only serves the city center but the Metro line 5 stop rails and the main road.

North-Buda City Center | Buda Office, Sketcharch - Sheet3
©Buda Office, Sketcharch

The western area now is cut by the motorway and the railway, we open new connections to the river-side

North-Buda City Center | Buda Office, Sketcharch - Sheet4
©Buda Office, Sketcharch

It also integrates the western areas, offering livable access to the Danube River coast for the inhabitants.  The proximity of the Danube River banks is an excellent feature: the Danube shore, which can be reached on foot or by bike in a few minutes from this area.  Expanding the dynamic transformation of city center spaces, the area is especially suitable for developing a complex office campus that functions as a city center, either by hosting many kinds of offices or other domestic and international universities.