Mining Indaba is the worlds’ largest mining conference. It is an opportunity to connect, share business activities and strategies. We were approached to design the Anglo American mining Indaba exhibition stand.

Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2020
Second Award |  Exhibition Design (Built)

Project Name: Minning Indaba Exhibition stand -Anglo American
Studio Name: Atmos Architecture and Design
Design Team: Peter Valasis (Director) Joanne Valasis (Director) Michael Cornwall (Senior Architect)
Area: South Africa
Year: 2020
Location: Cape Town (CTICC)
Superunion – Brand Design
Ogilvy – Integrated Agency
Chatr- Build Out
Edge – Structural Engineers

Minning Indaba Exhibition stand -Anglo American By Atmos Architecture and Design - Sheet1
©Atmos Architecture and Design


  1. Visual Expression of the brand.

The Anglo American brand is well-known. The contour ‘A’ logo, the clean white identity accented by contours of the earth are recognised by those in the industry. The style of the exhibition stand would be informed by turning these brand assets into the architectural language.

Minning Indaba Exhibition stand -Anglo American By Atmos Architecture and Design - Sheet2
©Atmos Architecture and Design
  1. Conversation and engagement through flow and form.

The Indaba creates an opportunity to connect, share business activities and strategies.  The flow and form of the stand was designed to create multiple moments of connection:

  • Connection with the brand.
  • Connection with people; one on one to larger groups.
  • Technology
  • Innovation (Anglo American Ino-Box – new mining technology )
  • Social Media and real time twitter engagement
Minning Indaba Exhibition stand -Anglo American By Atmos Architecture and Design - Sheet3
©Atmos Architecture and Design


Inspired by the organic forms of contours of the mining quarries, the design was a physical expression of the brand. The visual language of the contour was taken into all built elements; ceiling, walls, furniture and floor.

A bold slatted ceiling detail formed the main feature of the stand. The ceiling was elevated, maximising the space for conversation and movement below.  The cantilevered ceiling  was supported by single structural back wall and allowed us to create a barrier free plan encouraging people to enter and move through the stand from the 3 sides.. The height and strong detail of the ceiling allowed the stand to become a prominent beacon, being visual from a distance. The slated ‘contour’ detail  dropped down, like stalactites which revealed intimate nooks for conversation, free flowing zones for exploration as well as surfaces displaying key messaging around the strategic theme of mining with purpose. Bespoke furniture was designed to encourage the different moments of engagement and create a conversation point for visitors.

  • High informal tables with built in I-pads
  • Reception desk with branding and hidden cavities for storage of merchandise.
  • Lower more private moments for formal discussions with an interactive table. The higher walls concealing these tables created further branding opportunities
  • Ceiling details floating from above highlight the innovation hub of Anglo American and create a stand for the Inno-Box.
  • An interactive screen was built into both sides of the back wall displaying a live twitter feed relaying activity specific to the Mining Indaba event
  • An informal lounge area below the interactive screen was for interviews and larger groups.
Minning Indaba Exhibition stand -Anglo American By Atmos Architecture and Design - Sheet4
©Atmos Architecture and Design

The Anglo American mining indaba exhibition stand holistically captured the expression the brand highlighting the company’s innovative ethos of continually pushing boundaries in the mining industry and its people centric approach.