The Merges bench was designed for a university project of design and urban furniture. The project starts from the idea of evolving the base bench to which we usually are accustomed. Starting from a bench made with  classic wooden strips, it is thought of using concrete to wrap these elements for achieve a result that combines the old and the new in a single whole. The purpose is to enhance, through this contrast, the properties of both materials applied through an innovative system, capable of creating new design forms.
Architects: Alessandro Arosio
Status: Built

As for the structural part, the idea is to use a steel reinforcement inside the concrete. The wooden slats would instead be inserted inside the concrete element through the use of epoxy adhesive.

Alessandro Arosio

Recently graduated at the University of Pisa, faculty of Architecture and Building Engineering, he is now working as an architect in a studio in Milan. His work is characterised by an approach both technical and artistic allowing him to express his creativity sustained by a solid technical ground. His interest in design stems from the desire to join this two different aspects of his work.
His degree thesis focuses on a modular prefabricated system for housing emergencies. As sustainability is one our times biggest challenges he uses innovative materials as the hemp-lime compound to address such issues.