In order to relieve the increasing traffic stress of Wilshire Blvd in the city and build a new life style for the people gathering, the mixed-used transportation hub optimizes the transportation system and creates a vertical farm with functions of farming, marketing and catering. Meanwhile, it increases the public space and improves the ecological environment of city.
Architects: Qiwen Liu
Location: Westwood, Los Angeles
Status: Concept

The Vertical Farm uses the form of scaffolding, which is the light materials with sustainable qualities, to occupy the aerial space above the crossroad. The scaffolding structure combined with green plant significantly improves the open space. By adding necessary corridors and stairs, it becomes the vertical green farm combing production and marketing that can provide vegetable and fruit products, giving more job opportunities to nearby residents.
Public Shared Space
The standardized scaffolding structure creates more comfortable open space with green for people. The interlaced public leisure platform forms an interesting sight communication between human, improving the situation of lacking of public space in city.

Scaffolding Terrace

This special structure enables the space in high rise exposed to sunlight and perfect natural ventilation. Also, by increasing the green plants, Vertical Farm improves the urban microenvironment. When the mist device works for plants, it will form a foggy image and create an identifiable landmark in the city.
Building in the Mist

Urban Showcase
When the night comes, the Vertical Farm stops working and become a huge showcase of the city. People can use the scaffolding structure to build the stage, equipped with fantastic music and lighting. The cross road holds a magnificent entertainment event for the city.
Urban Showcase at Night

As a transportation hub, Vertical Farm improves the traditional transportation system, combing different possibilities of transport into one multilevel system, which significantly increases the traffic flow.
By introducing the straddle bus, different levels of transportation can work together efficiently, which reduces the pressure of heavy traffic and improves the public transportation for low income group. Drone in the aerial space makes the aerial transport possible for the production in Vertical Farm, and thus does not affect the normal commute of people.
It refined the city road by partially build underground tunnels and enlarged the public mobile space for bus station.
Aerial View of Vertical Farm

Bus Station Platform

Qiwen Liu

Born and raised in China, Qiwen attended South China Agricultural University in Guangzhou where she received a bachelor of architecture degree. Then she moved to Los Angeles to attend Master of Architecture program in University of California, Los Angeles. While at UCLA, she developed an interest in the combination of traditional architectural design and presenting technologies, and created few projects involved in temporary fabrication, visual generation, interactive experience and digital enhancement.