LUCEM Lights started with the concept of creating a shadow theatre within a light fixture made of LUCEMTM translucent concrete (a concrete that transmits light through embedded fiber optics). Our first collection, LUCEM one was the starting point, where the design was basic, using only one color of translucent concrete. Adding objects to the inside of the fixture creates projections to the outside of the translucent concrete as a translation to the Shadow Theatre concept, transferring personalized stories and ideas. So, this lighting fixture is the user’s own hybrid shadow theatre customized in a form of silhouettes and a play of shadows.
Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018
Second Award | Category: Product Design – Interior Design Elements (Built)

Architect: Paradigm Design House
Team Members: Saja Nashashibi, Dana Samarneh, Bahiah AlQasas ,Rasha Dabbas
Country: Jordan

This play of shadows inspired the next collections’ designs; by using different materials and colors, putting them together in different designs, to create various manipulations of light and shadow.
The collections are handmade and consist of wall, desk and floor lights for indoor and outdoor use and can be added to any space, giving it a sensational effect and an aesthetic touch.
LUCEM Lights Collections:
LUCEM one: LUCEM one is our basic collection and in parallel the first ever translucent concrete full collection, consisting of wall, desk and floor lights. Made of all white or all anthracite translucent concrete. It works as a standalone set or as an addition to any of our lighting collections.

LUCEM code: This collection is a play of various metal sections and translucent concrete elements. During daytime, the variation of material is the attraction of this collection, while at night it results in a barcode of light and darkness. The translucent concrete panels used in this collection are recycled.

LUCEM shift: A new composition of translucent concrete and brass. The wall unit represents a shift of our basic square into a set of rectangular elements. This set could be blended with our LUCEM one or LUCEM edge collection. The translucent concrete panels used in this collection are recycled.

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