Celebrating wood in its true form, our Allies in Style are small flat strips of wood joined together to form the top of the table.
Allies, a range of coffee tables and side tables, is a result of a global learning experience in a chair design course at the Danish Skole of Design. Various repetitions and reiterations led to the formulation of Allies. The pattern of the table is the result of gluing strips of wood together.
Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018
First Award | Category: Product Design – Interior Design Elements (Built)

Architects: Knock On wood
Team Members: Aarti Aggarwal
Country: India
Designing of tables demands durability, and strength. Also, to appeal to a variety of spaces, uses and people; their forms have to accommodate variation in material and look. Therefore, combining different materials together is a major challenge during the design process.
Pieces of wood are segregated according to length and hardness. Strips of 4-6mm thickness are cut lengthwise. These strips are steamed to soften them, glued around a round price of wood and clamped until dry. The disc is then sanded, legs are fitted and desired finish is given to the top.
The coming together of strips of wood adds strength and durability. The art is completely nail-less, as steamed strips of wood are glued and clamped together till they dry.
The companion tables have been built in a combination of 2 kinds of wood or wood and metal, these vertical cross sections created out of Wenge, Ashwood, Teak wood and Mild steel accentuate differential colouring and grain. Variations are available with tops made of MS and thin powder coated Aluminium.

Being much lighter than tables with a solid wood top, its lightweight construction suits big and small spaces alike. These tables are ideal for living rooms or other spaces around the home. Moreover, they add an original touch of imagination to professional environments.
“I firmly believe that good design is important for growth in all aspects of life. Allies was our attempt to challenge our creativity by way of using scrap wood in a renowned craft technique, and I am delighted that it is loved and appreciated, both by the public and the stalwarts of the industry,”

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