In the Christchurch area there is a development planned for a Head-to-Head Walkway between Whakaraupo and Lyttelton Harbour along the coast.  This artistic, ecological sculpture intervention is located along the Charteris Bay coast as a node that reveals the relationship of the buffer between land and sea. Evaluation of coastal identity shaped the distinctiveness and continuity inspired for the design. These simplistic yet intricate stones provide an experience of sensorial discovery to connect visitors with the landscapes of land and sea.  The concept objectives of this inspired landmark is temporarily and adaptation to the natural coastal systems, sensory experience, form/structure, and connectivity of the landscapes and community.
Architects: Emily Scott
Status: Concept

Low tide reveals hidden life along the shore as well as the custom forms that represent the natural process of the sea and life.  The glow stones integrated into the tops of the sculptures provide a unique visual experience at night in addition to the natural music of the sea organ.

Emily Scott

Emily Scott is an emerging professional in the landscape architecture field and has dedicated herself to passionately focus on designing balanced spaces that integrate environmental, social, and economic value. She joined Living Habitats, located in Chicago, in 2017 as a landscape architect and recent graduate of Iowa State University where she received the ASLA Iowa chapter Award of Honor and President’s Award. Her drive to build resilient communities for current and future generations compelled her to various experiences as an undergraduate, including international studies of sustainability in New Zealand and active involvement in community engagement.  The practice will continue to shift as the world progresses and faces new challenges. With this, Emily has committed to attain diverse experiences at an international and local level to broaden her knowledge and experiences as she continues to advance in the profession.
The “Revitalize” project was completed in 2014 when Emily was a junior at Iowa State University.