Along the simple line a, stream of pebbles, on the unruffled forehead, of a wall, in joyful and large openings., where numerous geometrical shapes border an innovative perception. movement meets stillness.
Architect: Tanmay Choudhary
Location: Talegaon, Pune, India
Status: Concept

The bungalow is designed for an artist. To ensure all the spaces are functional yet beautiful, they are designed and placed in accordance to the climate and privacy. Exposed Concrete walls are a prominent feature of the landscape and elevation of the bungalow. These walls have punctures that give the visitors a glance of the space ahead and create a feeling of curiosity in one’s mind. These punctures are also used to showcase different art pieces made by the artist himself and to hang potted plants and filter colored sunlight.

View through Western verandah.
The morning sunlight coming from the East is falling on tulsi vrindavan, is filtered through a Champa tree and in turn goes into the temple through jali motif. The steel staircase is supported by a stringer steel beam.

The Floor plan is designed keeping in mind the linearity in a 4M x 4M grid pattern. Private and Semi- Private areas are divided by the Staircase and the Mandir. Outdoor spaces are connected to interiors through transition spaces like verandah and patio. Full size openings are provided on North side. The South sun having a high altitude, large overhangs are provided on the southern side in order to control it. Western Facade is treated with a vertical pergola and palm trees to block low altitude sun. All morning activity areas like Meditation, Kitchen, Mandir are placed towards the east to absorb maximum morning light.

Meditation area placed is placed on eastern corner of the bungalow which is away and well isolated from highway noise. A peach tree in the space symbolizes tranquility. Pebbles in a wooden frame in the flooring helps in acupuncture treatment. On the front wall is a Navagraha mural from ancient Indian mythology and a buddha statue under a calm water stream creating a soft rumble sound.

The outdoor dining area can be accessed directly through the indoor dining. The wooden flooring keeps the floor cool. Ashoka trees on southern edge of site are very effective to keep the unwanted highway noise away. Rose trees beautify the air and compliment the visuals of the space. Adjoining kitchen garden gives fresh produce and the overhanging terrace provides shaded areas.

Elevations are kept minimal with large openings and rectangular volumes. Exterior Walls are finished with exposed concrete. Sliding or sling folding openings connect indoor and outdoor spaces. Chajjas are substituted by projecting slabs. The circle puncture above water tank not only conceals pipes artistically but also symbolizes the emergence of owner’s art from the earth. Elevations are made of Rectangular concrete volumes and colored glass slabs with “geru red” colored slab bands binding throughout.

Kitchen garden is well connected from dining, store and kitchen area.

Transition spaces lead to outdoor dining from the parking. A pergola has been provided for shading.

Fresh smell of parijat flowers welcomes the visitors and the glass roof protects the cars.

The multi-functional party area can also be used as an outdoor theater at night.
The central Courtyard space.
A calm moving water body cools the wind coming inside the bungalow. Water is kept fresh by water lilies and the water spouts keep the water from stagnating. Large fan shaped leaves of palm trees shade the space keeping the harsh western horizontal sunlight away. Flowers adorn the space.

Fireplace is sunk inside plinth used as a screen for fire.
The view shows large north facing openings to bedrooms.
A balcony overlooks the space from terrace and office.

A champa tree bears flowers for religious use. The pergola and jali wall create an interesting shadow pattern. Placed on the eastern side, rituals can be performed in holy morning sunlight.