One side of the story is of the playful young couple, and the other is of the house which radiates warmth. We merged both and imbibed their essence to design a youthful space with bold patterns and colours interspersed with solid wood furniture. The oak wood in the home palette effortlessly combines with the other hues. The refreshing blue sofa is set against a hand painted tropical art canvas.
Studio: Two Storey Design Studio
Status: Built

The millennial pink wall opposite the entrance becomes the focal point adorned with natural greens and painted  foliage becomes the focal point. A focus friendly study nook, pop of colour, and green for inspiration complete the frame. The master bedroom incorporates a monochrome palette. Black, white and grey tones are combined with a splash of deep red accents and a set of black and white paintings, with subtly coloured blinds enhancing the monochromes. These eclectic yet balancing elements come together beautifully, to form the inviting vibe of this residence.

Soumya Jagarlapudi Two Storey stems from the belief that there are two sides to every story. A belief that we all try to tell stories through spaces we live in and in the same way, the spaces have stories of their own to tell. Places are a confluence of different ideas, inspirations, and needs. Healthy spaces are brought to life through the seamless integration of these elements and a continuous process of dialogue.
As a co-founder of the firm and a bespoke designer, Soumya Jagarlapudi believes that inspiration from the inhabitants is extremely crucial to her creative process. “Exchanging stories, understanding and being empathetic as designers, assist us in delivering a good, sustainable design. One has to be a good listener and a keen observer to translate a story into responsible architecture that breathes, speaks and interacts with its inhabitants. After all, a dialogue can only occur when there are two sides to a story”.
Soumya speaks an uncomplicated, adaptive design language that elevates the process of planning in every project. Her forte lies in creating a space that merges functionality with flexible design elements, while maintaining a healthy balance of aesthetic and meaningful design. As a modern architect, she refrains from design that is decadent and works with a firm belief that if it’s not functional, it’s frivolous. She designs spaces that are perfectly balanced, bearing in mind your sensibilities and the real demands of the space, interweaving facets of nature with spaces to create a language that let you truly engage with the space you inhabit. She is passionate about creating design with an emphasis on functionality, while staying true to the core principles of architecture.