Project Info

Architects: Fermín Vázquez (b720 Arquitectos) + Carlos Rubio, Enrique Álvarez-Sala(R&AS)
Location: c/Tánger 120, Sector 22@, Barcelona, España
Program: Edificio corporativo (PB+12) destinado a oficinas y aparcamiento en el sector 22@
Area: 10.375m2
Project and construction: 2004-2006
b720 Arquitectos team: Cristina Algás Ana Caffaro, Laia Isern, Pietro Peyron, Peco Mulet, Alexa Plasencia, Andrea Rodríguez, Miquel Santos
Technical architect: Josep Maria Forteza y Victor Forteza ( Tècnics G-3)
Contractor: G&O – Guinovart&Oshsa
Structure: BOMA
Installations: PGI Grup
Photography: Rafael Vargas


An office building on a trapezoidal site which forms part of the actions for sector 22@ in Barcelona. The total built surface area is 10,375 m2 and it consists of a ground floor plus 12 more floors. The floors located above grade are devoted to offices, and those below grade to parking for 40 vehicles and service rooms for private use. The proposal is for a tower rising above a more solid and compact three-storey plinth, aligned with Carrer Tànger.


The tower section, with a rhomboid floor plan, follows the line of the chamfered corner, without slavishly reproducing it, to reinforce the slender complexity of the resulting volume. Its ten storeys are separated from the plinth by a service floor, recessed with respect to the plane of the facade, so that it seems to float above the base, lending it lightness.
This being a corporate building, diaphanous floors are proposed, although the possibility has been considered that in the future they could be divided up into several units. The skin of the facade is made up of panels of stainless steel metal fabric that act as perimetral solar protection (with a shade coefficient of 50%) for the interior of the building as well as contributing to the overall lightness of appearance. A quarter of these panels have a 90 cm diameter spherical impression created by drawing. These are located in two positions on the height of the panel, and alternately face inwards and outwards.