Third Award | Landscape Design

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[tab]Participant  Name: Lilyana Venkova
University: PBSA Duesseldorf
Country : Germany[/tab]
Helgoland is a group of two islands in the northern sea of Germany. The islands have very long and interesting story to tell. Once they were united by a beach, but a storm came out and they separated. The left one or the main one is the one used for living (nowadays round 1000 people). The right one or the so called dune is used for tourism or a playground for the sea lions. The islands started losing ground, so men started building dykes that helped the island from vanishing.
The task of this project was to design a new tourism spotlight. But the idea expanded in creating a concept for a new living area in sea. An area designed and built by men, but shaped by nature.
The hotel Helgolines is a manmade structure in the open sea signified mainly by lines of thick concrete wall and cliffs to help the nature build a new dune on one side of the building.
The vastness of the sea can be experienced in a special way. In the highest line lays a hidden staircase that would lead the visitor to the furthest point of the island and give him the feeling of being alone with the sea.
Helgolines is a hotel like no other. The plan of the hotel with its over 1m thick disks and the position in the sea is designed so that it uses ocean currents and the harbor in the south stays in the needed deep sea, but the north side becomes a beach with time. This is a beach that would provide new living area on the land for the very popular sea lions.
The thick disks are not only used to protect against the enormous power of the water and the sand collection, but also provide a great atmosphere. The walls are shaped as benches or even beds in some rooms. A true place to enjoy the infinity of the horizon.
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