Second Award | Landscape Design

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[tab]Participant  Name: Valentina Balitskaya
University: Peter Behrens School of Architecture
Country : Germany[/tab]
[tab]The HL Grid
The architectural concept of the Project “The HL Grid” is based on the idea of a grid or mesh structure, which changes his raster like the sea in the different tidal basin. Only a section of the structure and contours can be realized, during a flood. The lower levels of the supporting structure are overflooded. At low tide unfolds the whole concept. The whole system together with the formerly hidden shoal areas can be seen.
The visitors get the opportunity to meet two very different facets of the island through the very innovative structure of the island. The height of the water level on the grid by means of available tables make it very easy to visitors to determine the approximate time. Several times table show the visitors the walk routes.
On the island, visitors get the choice between the various forms of vacation planning. They have the choice between small holiday homes and rooms of different sizes in a multi-storey building.
The classical structure of a hotel complex is dissolved: smaller related buildings offer the necessary space for respective functions such as restaurant, event hall or spa.
The inimitable sea landscape, which is also walkable will makes some unforgettable moments on the island. In the numerous pools you will have the opportunity to feel the sea water, without having to be in the sea.
Due to the versatility of the concept, you can use the island for a variety of purposes – from a large wedding party surrounded by the sea to hide from the city noise, to listen to the song of the wind or to hear the surf on the shore. You can breathe delightfully the unmistakable fragrance of sea and salt. Also the island breathes through her transmissive structure. Tides occur quite involuntarily, and change the appearance of the island in a steady rhythm of nature.
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