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[tab]Participant  Name: Advait Patel
University: CEPT University
Country : India[/tab]
[tab]Entreprenuerial Venture, Incubation and Liason Center
Industrial Building Complexes are built structure that usually outlive their respective function and thus these relics get engulfed with the rapid urban growth. In this project one such site is addressed where a building from a complex is addressed for adaptive reuse thus activating the complex.
India is a growing economy  with the government heavily promoting Startups. The Industrial Complex is located between the two cities of Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad in Gujarat,an economically developed state contributing Major to the national economy. Gandhinagar is a young City alloted with various established and upcoming government industrial zones. Whereas Ahmadabad is the center for many  national level corporate giants with a room for expansion. Also the city house premier Institutions like IIM, DAIICT, PDPU ,NID , etc which annually create new entrepreneurs. Thus the location is aptly connected with centers for both gaining investment and avenues for developing an industry.
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