The renovation of this bright apartment located in the Prati district of Rome represents a perfect blend between the customer needs and the design intentions: in fact, even though it is 80 square meters, it was designed by favoring a displacement of the spaces in favor of a large open-space, environment most lived by homeowners, and reducing to the maximum, but always in line with urban parameters, the sleeping area and the bathrooms.
STUDIO: Brain Factory – Architecture & Design
ARCHITECT: Paola Oliva
DESIGNER: Marco Marotto
PHOTO CREDITS: Marco Marotto
2017 Rome, Italy
AREA: 80 sq. m.
TYPE: Realized project

Contextual to a wide architectural requirement, there was a desire to separate the kitchen environment from the
living room through a glazed system divided by a regular square mesh grille and with a very industrial aspect: it was
made into galvanized iron profiles with micaceous finishing and artisanally assembled on site and completed with stratified glazing.

The mood of the apartment prefers the total white combined with the warm tones of the oak parquet floor. On the theme of the grid also plays the espalier of the bedroom: in drawing the wall there are dense parallel wooden profiles that have also the function as shelves that can be placed at various heights. To exalt the pure formal minimalism, there are wall-wire wardrobes and a very linear and rigorous technical lighting.

Paola Oliva & Marco Marotto
Brain Factory – Architecture & Design was founded after a long creative partnership between the architect Paola Oliva and the designer Marco Marotto. Essential foundation of the design choices of the firm is the creative research that exploits the capabilities of the intelligent design, without neglecting the aesthetic side, hence the choice of the name Brain Factory. The philosophy of the firm leads to design and implement projects with great awareness, recognizing in the quality of work an added value for the customers: every step of the design is followed with care and attention to detail. From interior to landscape design, from packaging to product design: these are the areas of study of the firm.
Over the years, have followed many International publications and awards.
International publications:
Gizmodo – Digital Lifestyle – article by Andrew Liszewski – July 2012; Gizmag – article by James Holloway – July 2012;
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European Product Design selection by Marc Gimenez – Instituto Monsa de Ediciones; Chlorosphere – cabinet de tendances – Trendbook Instinct 2015;
International awards:
First winner prize in the Butter Basics contest on – International competition 2011;
First winner prize in the H2Overhaul contest on – International competition 2011;
First winner prize in the Room 2022 contest on – International competition 2011;
Second winner prize in the Fan-tastic Fan Articles! contest on -International competition 2012; First winner prize in the Audi-Family On Board contest on – International competition 2013. The idea was licensed to Audi
First winner prize in the Audi – Light follows function contest on – International competition
Second winner prize in the Total Innovation Station contest on – International competition 2013; In addition, as part of the product design, have been awarded and prototyped two concepts tool-car by the German car manufacturer Audi.