What if a bench is also a table?

FOLD is an interpretation to the question above, to fulfil multiple functions yet retain a simplistic and sturdy form to be used in the public.

Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2020
First Award |  Furniture Design (Built)

Project Name: FOLD
Studio Name: Whiteground
Design Team: Chris Tsui
Year: 2019
Location: Hong Kong
Consultants: Manufactured by SES

FOLD By Whiteground - Sheet1

This piece of furniture is not much more than a piece of plywood folded back on itself at an angle.

FOLD By Whiteground - Sheet2

Yet, this simple manipulation creates another surface that can be used as a table, without sacrificing its unanimous form with extensions or appendages.

FOLD By Whiteground - Sheet3

In addition to fulfilling the functions of chair and table as one piece, the minimalistic aesthetic of FOLD appeals to different visual environments, making it all the more a versatile piece of furniture to be used and displayed.