Nestled in the historic Gallura, with the context of Sarri di San Pantaleo, there is Innavoflora nurseries. A company grown over time without proper programming, also thanks to the new generation, wants to achieve a new identity in relation to the increases in efficiency and productivity.
Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018
First Award | Category: Commercial (Concept)

Architect: Giuseppe Scannella
Team Members: Oriana Scannella, Anna Maria, D’Imprima Giuseppe
Country: Italy

The aim of the project, through measured interventions, is to imagine the company by combining production efficiency, energy and aesthetics, relating it to new functions and services to customers, also represented by the international tourist basin typical of the area.

Therefore, there are also “places” such as the teaching area and the facing park with its “library of trees” or new greenhouses / gardens within which to create settings and suggestions related to the theme of the “landscape”, whose maintenance and the improvement is, in essence, the mission of the productive activity.

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